Oracle Application Server

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Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4)

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) 10g (10.1.2 )


Oracle Application Server 10g is a standards-based, mission-critical platform designed for unbreakable reliability, high-availability and predictable scalability in an integrated, service orientated architecture.

The scope of the certification covers Oracle containers for J2EE (OC4J) and Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

The OC4J is fully J2EE 1.3 compliant, uses a standard JDK 1.4 Java Virtual Machine and provides complete support for JSPs, Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans, Web services and J2EE services. It utilises the OID with the addition of the Java API.

OC4J offers a complete Java Authentication and Authorisation Service (JAAS) including role based access control, authentication and JAAS Delegation.

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) provides key infrastructure for serving the Internet's HTTP protocol.

OHS returns responses for both process-to-process and human generated requests from browsers. Key aspects are its technology, its serving of both static and dynamic content and its integration with both Oracle and non-Oracle products.

OHS is based on the open source technology Apache 2.0, which accommodates the newest Internet Protocol, IPv6. OHS also provides an application firewall capability, via the open source product mod_security.

OHS serves static content directly or via standard interfaces, e.g. WebDAV. Languages such as Java and PLSQL are supported for content generation.