Oracle Identity and Access Management

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 Oracle Access Manager Suite 11g Release 2 

 Oracle Identity and Access Management 10g Release 3 (  

The TOE is the Oracle Access Manager Suite Version 11g Release 2 which contains the following components:

·         Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g Release 2

·         Oracle Entitlements Server (OES) 11g Release 2

OAM Suite is an Enterprise Security Management product that provides web-based access control to web applications that reside in its Operational Environment. It enforces administrator-configurable rules that control access to web pages, files, scripts, and forms, ensuring that resources are protected from unauthorized access. The TOE includes a policy management function that is used to configure the access control policies that are applied to these web applications. This allows for organizations to deploy centralized web applications within an enterprise environment while ensuring that the organization’s users are given appropriate and consistent access to these applications based on user attributes that are organizationally defined. 

The logical boundary of the TOE includes only the relevant security functionality that is defined by the claimed Protection Profiles. The logical boundary of the TOE includes its enterprise security management, auditing, communication, cryptography, user data protection, I&A, management, self-protection, resource utilization, TOE access, and trusted path/channel functionality.


Oracle Identity and Access Management is a product suite that allows enterprises to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities, and provides users with secure, fine-grained access control to enterprise resources and assets.

The suite includes the following products;

  • Oracle Access Manager - an access control system which provides a full range of identity and access control functions including single sign-on; access control; auditing; policy management; and delegated administration.
  • Oracle Internet Directory - a general purpose LDAP directory service.
  • Oracle Virtual Directory - a service that provides a virtualized directory containing the information from many heterogeneous systems.