SAP NetWeaver Portal

This section describes how to integrate content into the Help menu of your SAP NetWeaver Portal. The portal administrator or basis administrator will need to perform these steps.

Because of the highly configurable nature of the SAP NetWeaver Portal, the steps that you must perform may be different than the steps presented here. These instructions assume the portal default framework is in use. If another framework is in use, or if the default framework has been substantially modified, these instructions may not work.

You must complete the following tasks to display this content in a context-sensitive manner:

  1. Copy content gateway files to a web server in the same DNS domain as the portal. If the content server is in the same domain as the portal, it is not necessary to copy the gateway files (see Domain Relaxing.)
  2. Configure the gateway files to point to the content server.
  3. Configure the portal Help link to use the gateway files.