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OAAgraph is a package that is integrated with Oracle R Enterprise (>= 1.5.1). It provides access to the Oracle PGX high performance graph analytics engine of Oracle Spatial and Graph, an option to Oracle Database. The Oracle R Enterprise OAAgraph package contains a wide range of graph algorithms, graph transformation operations, and graph querying capabilities.

OAAgraph Downloads (v2.4.2)

See the documentation and ORE installation guide

What's new in OAAgraph

Version 2.4.2

  • oaa.getPersistedSnapshots function now returns character(0) instead of an error if there are no snapshots
  • oaa.graphSnapshot function now returns an error if no snapshots were found
  • Added nodeSet option to personalized versions of pagerank and SALSA algorithms
  • oaa.graphSnapshotList function now supports lowercase pattern argument.
  • Added serviceName argument to oaa.graphConnect function to support connecting to Databases which do not have a SID
  • oaa.getProperty function prints a warning and returns NULL if property not found instead of throwing an error.