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Oracle APEX Application Development

Oracle APEX Application Development is a fully managed, low-code application development platform for building and deploying modern data-driven applications in Oracle Cloud. Business users and application developers can create enterprise apps 38X faster—without having to learn complex web technologies.

Introduction to Oracle APEX

See how Oracle APEX enables both business users and application developers to build scalable, secure enterprise apps–with minimal coding—in minutes.

Build Applications Faster with Low Code

Join Oracle APEX creators Michael Hichwa and Joel Kallman at a Virtual Summit. Find out how Oracle APEX is faster, lower cost, and worry-free in building enterprise apps with little to no programming.

Build Applications 38X Faster

Pique Solutions time and motion study finds that developers can build applications 38X faster with Oracle APEX compared to traditional application development methods.

APEX Service features

Rapid application development

Low-code development

A rich, browser-based, intuitive interface and guided approach for creating applications rapidly with limited coding.

Absolutely responsive

Applications built with APEX are fully responsive, components, such as forms, charts, and reports, work seamlessly across varying screen resolutions while maintaining the same functionality without any additional code.

Agile development

Developers can iterate and implement changes and make enhancements—often in real time—without the need for complicated, multistep deployment.

Build apps with confidence

Minimize the number of security defects in your apps with security built into the framework—from cross-site scripting to SQL injection.

Code instrumentation and tracing

Detailed diagnostic data can help developers find defects or performance issues in the applications early in development cycle..

Build apps with a converged database

Futureproof apps for modern use cases using a converged database, which supports all modern data types, including relational, JSON, spatial, and more. Integrate data from both local and remote data sources using REST interfaces.

Simplify operations

Automated management

Replaces error-prone manual operations with machine-learning–driven automation to provision, scale, secure, back up, and repair the entire application stack.

Consistent high performance

Ensure consistent high performance even as data volume and the number of users grow. Built-in auto-scaling can temporarily increase compute and I/O by a factor of three to maintain required performance without downtime.

Metadata-driven architecture

Increased developer productivity, scalability and performance of applications with streamlined architecture. Manage session state, processing, and data manipulation in the database with zero latency data access.

No per application, per user fees

Build unlimited applications. Unlike other cloud service providers there are no additional fees per application, developer, or end user to use the platform.

Pay-per-use subscription model

Optimize innovation and costs with all-inclusive pricing and the ability to scale consumption up and down without impacting operations or performance.

Powerful data visualization

Faceted Search

Faceted Search enables users to quickly search and filter data. Empower users to see data in new ways and discover fresh insights with just a few clicks.

Dynamic charts

Powerful chart and visualization capabilities are fully HTML5 capable and work on any modern browser. Oracle JET provides a modular, open source toolkit for developers.

Interactive reports

The interactive report component enables users to effortlessly customize the data they see in a way that uniquely satisfies their needs, all with zero coding.

Cards components

Unlock a powerful, new way to present data. The cards components provide easy customization of appearance, icon, badge, media, advanced HTML expressions, and ability to define multiple actions per card.

Transform spreadsheets

From a spreadsheet to web app—in minutes

With just a few clicks, transform a spreadsheet into a fully functional app with customizable dashboards, charts, reports, and form for easy data maintenance.

Data integrity and accuracy

Eliminate spreadsheet sprawl and data inaccuracy with apps that can be accessed from a single, centralized location for a single source of truth.

Advanced security

Protect your app with SSO, LDAP, OAuth2, or OpenID Connect for security and auditing.

Prebuilt productivity apps

Ready-to-use apps

More than 20 fully functional and ready-to-use productivity apps, designed to meet practically any type of business requirement.

Extendable apps

Extend and customize prebuilt apps to address individual business needs. Stay on top of changes in business requirements.

Local and remote REST access

Consume web services

Easily access data via web services from a variety of REST endpoints including Oracle Cloud applications REST services and manipulate results using SQL.


Quickly build web services against Oracle Database objects using the built-in REST workshop and generate API Swagger documentation with a single click.

Globalization and localization


APEX allows the translation of running applications into multiple languages without having to duplicate the application logic.


Easily format and display content in the application based on where the end user is located.


Telecom giant Telstra empowers business users and application developers with Oracle APEX

"We’re able to offer our customers a single pane of glass to do all their app development without provisioning a single virtual machine or database. We give them a managed environment where they can create and deploy applications quickly—and we have saved millions doing it."

Tony Kirn, Team Engineer Senior Lead, Telstra

Oracle APEX Application Development use cases

  • Productivity apps

    Build data-driven apps quickly with minimal to no coding. Use prebuilt productivity apps included in the app gallery.

    Read the use case

  • Spreadsheet replacement

    Transform your spreadsheets into fully functioning apps with auto-generated reports and forms for data entry.

    Read the use case

  • Rapid application development using REST

    Developers can build application quickly by readily exposing and/or consuming RESTful Web Services by defining REST end points on database tables.

    Read the use case

  • Oracle Forms modernization

    Upgrade and modernize your existing Oracle Forms apps with development platform that supports declarative programming.

    Read the use case

  • SaaS and Oracle E-Business Suite extensions

    Build custom reports and extensions to SaaS applications. Add custom functionality and extend applications that are specific to your industry or your organization.

    Read the use case


Unit price
Oracle APEX Application Development

OCPU per hour
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing - Exadata Storage

Terabyte storage capacity per month

Announcing New Oracle APEX Application Development for Low-Code Developers

Todd Bottger, Director of Product Management, Oracle

Starting today, January 13th, 2021, Oracle unleashes a new Oracle Application Express (APEX) service for rapidly building and deploying modern, data-driven applications in Oracle Cloud.

Read the complete post

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