Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud

Bringing Tax and Finance Together

Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud is a tax-owned solution that works with your finance systems to help deliver effective, efficient, and transparent corporate tax processes including tax provision and country by country reporting (CbCR).

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    TRCS includes an out-of-box tax provision and country-by-country reporting that leverages the same data and technology used by finance.

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    TRCS provides a supplemental data management tool that allows tax departments to move any spreadsheet-based processes to the cloud – leveraging strong controls, automation, and collaboration.

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    TRCS includes a robust workflow and task management system that can be used to manage processes such as tax returns filings dates, controversy management, country-by-country processes, and other task oriented tax processes…

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    The Tax Reporting Cloud includes prebuilt dashboards that provide key tax KPIs at a glance.

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    The Tax Reporting Cloud offers the tax function best practices out-of-the-box, and a single source of the truth for all tax and finance data.


Out-of-the-Box Best Practices

Out-of-the-Box Best Practices

  • Best practice Tax Provision solution includes rich automation features (e.g. calculating permanent/temporary differences from book data)
  • Best Practice CbCR solution includes data collection, workflow, data automation, pre-built KPIs for audit flags
  • Pre-built dashboards and reports deliver simple self-service reporting
  • Smart View provides powerful ad hoc analysis all tax reporting data
  • Configurable security to protect sensitive data
Tax Process Improvement

Tax Process Improvement

  • A configurable Task Management and Calendaring framework that is integrated with finance systems
  • A configurable supplemental data management tool that provides a centralized repository for manual input
  • Configurable Dashboards that include analysis across ‘Total Tax’ (direct, sales & VAT, Fixed Assets, Property tax, etc)
  • Single Sign-on capability to stay compliant with security and segregation of duties
Seamless Transparency Between Tax and Finance

Seamless Transparency Between Tax and Finance

  • Report on data across tax, consolidation, planning and ERP
  • Direct data integration with source finance systems (both Cloud and on Premises)
  • Tax leverages the same metadata process and foreign currency engine used by finance
  • Includes strong compliance framework including auditing, segregation of duties, and transparent calculations
  • Tax and Finance use the same technology platform

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