AI Language

Perform sophisticated text analysis and machine translation at scale with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Language. Use this cloud-based AI service to build intelligent applications by using REST APIs and SDKs to process unstructured text for sentiment analysis, entity recognition, classification, translation, and more.

OCI Language features

Detect languages, names, places, quantities, and more

OCI Language identifies the language of your text from more than 75 languages. It also automatically recognizes at least 18 entity types including the names of people, locations, products, and organizations.

Analyze sentiment from subjective information

Analyze the mood or tone of the text with APIs that help extract the sentiment of individual aspects in the text across languages. OCI Language classifies results as positive, negative, and neutral sentiments with a confidence score.

Categorize documents and identify key phrases

Identify and classify textual content from multiple languages into more than 600 categories. Use state-of-the-art natural language processing to identify the most salient key phrases in your documents.

Custom classification

Easily train custom classification models to group text records into specific categories. These models are trained on your own data to meet your unique business needs.

Custom entity extraction

You can train prebuilt entity models and custom models to identify terms unique to your domain, such as product part codes, manufacturing terms, and specific financial entities.

Neural machine translation

Use state-of-the-art neural machine translation to translate text in more than 30 languages. Automatically translate emails, conversations, guided journeys, UI labels into 30 languages.

Purpose-built for security and privacy

OCI Language is HIPAA and FedRAMP compliant service and customer has the full control of their data.

Easy to deploy

OCI Language is a versatile service that can be called via REST APIs, seven different SDKs (including Python, C#, and Java), or the OCI command line. Developers can easily deploy a scalable language service without having data science or machine learning expertise.

OCI Language use cases

  • Customer feedback analytics

  • Understand sentiment, improve experience

    Explore how customers perceive your brand, extract sentiments about specific areas of interests, and identify your customers’ top frustrations to address them early on.

  • Learn what your customers are saying

    Track the topics most discussed in social media or in your support knowledge base and prioritize responses based on critical areas of interest.

  • Identify key players from customer feedback

    Extract named entities from your customer feedback to identify people, products, and organizations mentioned.

  • Enhance customer support

  • Identify cases that need escalation

    Identify frustrated customers in real time and let your most experienced agents help them.

  • Rapidly find similar support tickets

    Automatically extract key phrases from support tickets in order to find tickets that deal with similar issues or topics.

  • Find the right support agent language

    Automatically detect the language and route your support tickets to the agent that speaks it.

  • Customer privacy enforcement

  • Comply with data regulations

    Comply with regulations such as GDPR by identifying PII from your data so that you can redact it before publishing.

April 6, 2022

Now Optics taps Oracle’s Artificial Intelligence for insights that improve customer experience

Akshai Parthasarathy, Product Marketing Director
Sunjay Chopra, Product Marketing Manager

Learn how Now Optics was able to improve their customer engagement and experience by using state-of-the-art pretrained models in OCI Language to extract aspects and sentiments for customer reviews, as well as automatically extract entities, such as names of people, facilities, and products, from each of the records.


hands on lab


Perform NLP tasks like detecting languages, extracting key elements, classifying intent, detecting the sentiment, etc., with a few simple steps.

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