Globally Distributed Autonomous Database

Globally Distributed Autonomous Database is a fully automated distributed cloud database that is easy to use, develop with, and manage. Its shared-nothing, sharded architecture is built on top of Oracle Autonomous Database, letting transaction processing and analytics applications benefit from hyperscale performance and scalability as well as extreme availability. Organizations can easily meet data residency requirements and the needs of distributed global users.

Support a global user base with a fully automated distributed database

See how Globally Distributed Autonomous Database helps you succeed.

Run Autonomous Database distributed across OCI availability domains and regions.

Meet data residency, security, and latency requirements for global deployments.

Organizations can control data distribution policies, enabling them to specify where in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data is stored and processed.

Efficiently manage as a single logical database.

Automatically distribute, redistribute, and access data based on performance needs and location.

Develop applications using a single logical database and familiar access methods—no changes required.

How it works

Globally Distributed Autonomous Database is a single logical Oracle Database that is horizontally partitioned to form a pool of Oracle Database shards. Each shard in the distributed database is an independent Oracle Database instance that hosts a subset of the logical database's data and can be placed in one OCI region or different regions.

A common shard catalog supports automated shard deployment, centralized management of a sharded database, and multi-shard queries using the automated query coordinator. Shard directors enable high performance connection routing over networks to access data in a distributed database. A client application request is routed directly to a shard using the Oracle drivers and provides a sharding key with the request.

Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database enables transactional or data warehousing applications to access a distributed autonomous database.

The database is divided into multiple physically independent shards, which can all be placed in one OCI region or different regions.

An application interfaces with a shard director, which provides automated connection routing between shards and is transparent to users.

A shard catalog supports automated shard deployment and centralized management of a distributed database across regions. It also supports multi-shard queries.

Each shard is replicated with Data Guard for high availability.

Globally Distributed Autonomous Database use cases

  • Meet data residency requirements for distributed data warehousing and data lakes

    Combine user control of data distribution policies and built-in automation to keep the storage and processing of growing data sets in required geographical locations while providing centralized administration.

  • Hyperscale transaction processing

    Provide high performance, horizontally scalable transaction processing and continuous availability to users at different geographic locations without the complexity of manual administration. Distributing data and processing near end users reduces transaction latency and improves customer experiences.

  • Concurrent data pipelines and machine learning analytics

    Load, process, and analyze massive data sets simultaneously in a distributed cloud while complying with data residency requirements. Get unified insights with massively parallel processing across many compute instances.

  • Maximum availability for mission-critical applications

    Run applications that require extreme availability using fault-tolerant local infrastructure and Globally Distributed Autonomous Database’s shared-nothing architecture.

  • Build cloud native, scalable mission-critical applications

    Build scalable, secure, distributed applications using multiple data types and models across a single logical database without the need for additional code or skills.

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