Unified Operations for Closed-Loop Automation

Automate the design, delivery, and lifecycle management of fixed, pre-5G, and 5G-era mobile and digital services delivered over physical and cloud-based networks. Increase service agility, reduce OpEx, and manage complexity with closed-loop automation.

Batelco Expedites Its Cloud-First Journey with Oracle

Create the foundation for great customer, service, and network experiences

Automate operations at cloud scale

Pave the path for closed-loop service lifecycle automation with a unified orchestration, inventory, and assurance solution.

Explore Oracle Communications Unified Orchestration and Assurance

Deploy an end-to-end assurance solution

Deploy the solution as a standalone or federate across existing assurance assets to automate fault and performance management using ML-based root cause analysis.

Explore Oracle Communications Unified Assurance

Employ multidomain service orchestration

Design, configure, orchestrate, and activate fixed, mobile, and digital services across physical, cloud, and SDN-based networks.

Explore Oracle Communications Unified Orchestration

Realize active inventory and live topology

Bolster orchestration and assurance with unified, near real-time network and service inventory and topology views.

Explore Oracle Communications Unified Inventory and Topology

Demand grows for closed-loop automation.

“We selected Oracle because it not only provides top-of-class technical solutions but has a very deep insight of business needs. They are dealing with the best of class in every industry.”

Michael Wagenhofer

Chief Executive Officer, ORS

Move your OSS/BSS to the cloud

Migrate IT workloads, efficiently operate networks, and develop new applications for enterprise customers—all on a cost-effective cloud platform.

Explore Oracle Cloud for Telcos

Communications consulting and systems integration

Take advantage of our OSS/BSS telco expertise, assets, and accelerators to integrate, configure, and operate your on-premises and cloud applications.

Explore Oracle Communications Consulting

Empower your teams to deliver successful solutions

Gain a thorough understanding of Oracle Communications applications to develop and deliver solutions faster, at lower cost, and with reduced risk.

Discover how our customers experience Oracle Communications

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Cloud native order and service management improves operational efficiency and adaptability.

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