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Manage information, schedules, resources, and risk with Oracle Smart Construction Platform for renewable energy projects


Oracle Smart Construction Platform—powering tomorrow with renewable energy

Oracle Smart Construction Platform for renewable energy projects

Renewable energy is making the best use of the resources we have, such as the sun and wind. We can apply that same principle to how we build renewables projects and operate them throughout their lives.

We want to make the best use of our resources, including funding, labor, materials, and equipment. Just like it takes know-how and technology to harness energy from the sun and wind, we need proven technology to optimise resources on the projects themselves.


One single data repository for the project to create a full project record

Cross-organisation team collaboration

Renewables projects are complex, involve specialised expertise, and require multiple organisations to collaborate. Having all parties in lockstep across project phases and disciplines while managing thousands of pieces of information reduces miscommunication, rework, and delays, enabling project success.


Permitting—SouthCoast Wind sped the permitting process across more than 1,000 workflows by 60%.

Cross-entity permitting process

Permits are often needed across federal and local jurisdictions, multiple municipalities, and even into international waters. By using the Packages capabilities in Oracle Aconex, the permit process can be broken down into manageable chunks.


Permitting—package details, activity dates, project management, scheduler

Interoperable schedules and work packages

The integration between Oracle Aconex and Oracle Primavera Cloud Schedule ties the permitting deliverables to your schedule. Track date changes and see if there’s a variance between plan and actual throughout the permitting process.

Use the schedule integrated risk functionality to assign and quantify risk related to various permitting steps, enabling more visibility into the likelihood of planned approvals and the ability to release assigned contingencies as risk windows pass.



Workflow tracking

In one consolidated view, you can keep track of all your workflows, including durations, due dates, what’s been approved, what’s due soon, what’s overdue, and whose court it’s in.



Bid management

Because of the specialised nature of renewables projects, the number of bids and complexity of the bid documents are significant. Easily prepare complete packages, set up bidders, answer requests for information from bidders, and distribute and amend bid requests, ensuring consistency and fairness throughout the process.


Information management

Project information management

Managing the volume of documentation and review and approval flows across all parties through a renewables project isn’t easy. Having all parties work in a central project system, in which each organisation has secure access to their own individual workspaces, improves information management and collaboration and supports the creation of a full project record.


Information management—one connected data repository for the entire project

  • A single holistic source of project information.
  • All project organizations own and control their data.
  • Nothing can be deleted or altered once submitted.
  • Industry leading security—SouthCoast Wind document reviews are completed 66% faster than their contractual obligation.
  • Oracle Aconex common data environment

One connected data repository

Because organisations own and control their own data and have their own secure space, they don’t have to maintain both their own system and a project system. The single projectwide system increases accuracy and decreases cost. Ease of sharing within the system improves information flow, which decreases requests for information, miscommunication, errors, and rework and supports a full project record, crucial to the many years of operating the renewables asset.


Integrated critical path method and task schedule management—Oracle Primavera Cloud Schedule, the only solution with integrated critical path method and task management

Integrated CPM and task schedule management

Build and manage schedules for projects of any size using the critical path method (CPM), and unite your planning and field teams to ensure work is done according to the latest schedule, crews aren’t waiting idly for updates, and critical renewables projects are delivered to plan and on schedule.


Integrated risk and schedule management

Integrated risk and schedule management

The integrated risk management capability ties quantified risks to potential schedule impacts. All relevant team members can identify and capture risks, letting more risks be addressed. Cross-project learning is supported, and timely release and automatic schedule adjustment happens as risk windows pass.


Integrated project and schedule management

Integrated project and schedule management

As part of Oracle Smart Construction Platform for renewable energy projects, integrated schedule and project management lets you break down project work into trackable packages with specific deliverables and timelines.

With the integration between Aconex Packages and Oracle Primavera Cloud Schedule, you can see your list of packages and drill down to see package detail and associated documents.


Diversity and inclusion tracking

Primavera schedule data visible in Oracle Aconex

You can also see the associated schedule activity information, such as planned start and finish dates.

Visibility into schedule date changes helps avoid surprises so you can take timely action.


Payment management

Oracle Smart Construction Platform application switcher

Easily move between applications on your project.


Payment management

Oracle Primavera Cloud Schedule

See the full schedule detail tied to your Oracle Aconex package.


Improve control and efficiency on your crucial renewables projects. Supply clean energy, provide jobs, and build reputations. Increase control and collaboration throughout the permitting process.

  • Increase bidding efficiency and accuracy.
  • Help ensure access to correct versions of all project information.
  • Increase the value of your schedule by tying the critical path method to tasks, integrating risk and project management.

Oracle Smart Construction Platform helps you deliver successful renewables projects by improving cross-organization collaboration, increasing control over schedules, and ensuring accurate and timely payments and lien waiver management.

Oracle Smart Construction Platform for renewables

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