Armazém Paraíba strengthens ecommerce with Oracle Cloud

Thanks to the stability offered by Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure, the Brazil-based retailer reached 99.999% uptime during the last Black Friday.


We needed to make this leap into the digital world. We have always been a very traditional physical retail company. Two years ago, when we chose Oracle Cloud, we were looking for a company that had the background and the prestige of the Oracle name, to make an implementation that made sense.

Francisco Dias NetoChief Technology Officer, Armazém Paraíba

Business challenges

Armazém Paraíba is a retail company that sells everything from smartphones to home appliances to furniture. After more than 60 years in business, it has opened 55 stores in 4 northeastern states in Brazil: Paraíba, Bahia, Pernambuco, and Ceará.

Armazém Paraíba’s ecommerce platform was launched in November 2019. Only a few months later, the pandemic took over the world. The company's online store was still maturing and trying to reach its target audience. 

From March to May 2020, the retailer focused on solidifying sales channels and better understanding consumer behavior. The company realized it needed to strengthen the customer journey on its ecommerce site.

[Oracle's solutions] allowed us to handle new implementations and many projects very calmly because we can create environments, change environments, or increase environments. It’s very nice. We end up getting a lot of value, not just monetarily, but from a time-to-market point of view.

Francisco Dias NetoChief Technology Officer, Armazém Paraíba

Why Armazém Paraíba Chose Oracle

To meet these expectations, Armazém Paraíba considered several competitors, and ended up choosing Oracle for its unified technologies and expertise. The retailer adopted Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience, a suite of applications aimed at improving, managing, and optimizing the retailer’s relationship with its customers.

Specifically, the company implemented Oracle Commerce, Responsys Campaign Management, and Maxymiser Testing and Optimization. They are integrated with the state-of-the-art Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which delivers on-premises computing power to run enterprise workloads in the cloud.


Oracle's applications and cloud infrastructure have helped Armazém Paraíba better manage sales channels by delivering personalized customer experiences. For example, using Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, the company sends an automated welcome email to a new customer, and a different email to existing customers. In parallel, the retailer has also used instant messaging services and push notifications to be more effective.

Oracle’s customer experience applications provide metrics regarding email open rates, conversions, satisfaction with online purchases, and other customer feedback. Using Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization, Armazém Paraíba gets conversion optimization, recommendations, and insights. “It's a fantastic solution. We’re able to make changes faster, especially on the website front-end,” says CTO Francisco Dias Neto.                         

Even on Black Friday, the website’s busiest day of the year, uptime on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was 99.999%. “We never had 100% uptime—it's impossible on Black Friday. Last year, we only missed it by one-thousandth,” says Neto.

Oracle Database Cloud Service also enables the company to enjoy much faster report creation for faster business insights with higher productivity. Some accounting reports that used to take 40 minutes to generate now take about 2 minutes.

Published:May 18, 2021