San Francisco selects Oracle for better security, user experience

The City and County of San Francisco builds a centralized, secure, and highly available portal for critical applications using Oracle Identity Cloud Service.


We are seeing a lot of value with Oracle Identity Cloud Service. It is more secure, cost effective, and resilient, allowing us to provide a highly available identity platform with improved user experience.

Chinna SubramaniamIAM and Directory Services Technical Director, City and County of San Francisco

Business challenges

The City and County of San Francisco’s (CCSF) Department of Technology services 50 departments, all with unique functions to serve the communities of San Francisco City and County. The Department of Technology provides technology solutions for enterprise applications and ensures every department is securely connected to these applications. This is critical for CCSF because its departments handle sensitive data. A key security component for the city and county is their Identity and access management platform. Prior to using Oracle Identity Cloud Service, CCSF was limited in expanding IAM protection to applications beyond its core financial and people management application.

The team spent a significant amount of time managing the Access Management application stack. Additionally, with limited multi-factor authentication (MFA) factors in place, users didn’t have many options for protecting their access. Also, application owners were not comfortable exposing their applications for remote access. As things are rapidly expanding and changing in the bustling Bay Area, the Department of Technology decided to take its identity platform to the cloud.

Why City and County of San Francisco Chose Oracle

The City and County of San Francisco selected Oracle Identity Cloud Service based on its competitive pricing and strong integration with Oracle and third-party products.



Since moving its identity service to the cloud, CCSF has significantly reduced the time it takes to integrate new applications with Oracle Identity Cloud Service. What once took about a month can now be completed in a couple of days. The Department of Technology set out to create a true single sign-on portal for employees, retirees, suppliers, and eventually citizens, to access critical applications in a single dashboard.

With Oracle Identity Cloud Service, the city and county gained a highly available and secure platform, with MFA rolled out across all applications on the dashboard. The Department of Technology found that the cost of Oracle Identity Cloud Service was up to 6X less than competitive solutions, offering CCSF strong capabilities and saving valuable funds that can help the community. With Oracle Identity Cloud Service, the MyApps dashboard allows users to access several applications with a single login, and logout of every application in just one click. With adaptive authentication, risky users can be blocked, and with MFA options, CCSF was able to improve customer experience and reduce the number of service tickets.

Published:July 31, 2020