DocuSign hones marketing strategy with Oracle Cloud

The digital agreement company is using Oracle Eloqua to see which customers are using its platform, what they’re using it for, and how to market to them.

Oracle Eloqua’s artificial intelligence technology helps us modify our lead-scoring algorithms and determine the best engagement model for each type of prospect.

Andrew StaffordSenior Director of Marketing Operations, DocuSign

Business challenges

Much of DocuSign’s revenue—$974 million in fiscal 2020—comes from subscriptions to its cloud service, which gives its more than 500,000 customers a fast and secure way to send, sign, manage, and store business agreements. The company also collects transaction fees for processing insurance, property-rental, and other payments. And it sells software development kits that developers use to integrate DocuSign’s e-signature and complementary offerings into their own sales, financial, HR, and other business applications.

Because DocuSign has such a wide range of customers, from self-employed real estate agents to large global enterprises, the company needed to tailor its marketing to each type of user.

Why DocuSign chose Oracle

DocuSign chose to partner with Oracle mainly because it liked the AI, security, and compliance protocols built into Oracle CX Marketing.


The lead-scoring module of Oracle Eloqua, part of Oracle CX Marketing, lets DocuSign’s marketing team tailor campaigns to specific customer profiles. For example, if a customer is a procurement director at a major bank or a partner in a small law firm, the team can help those individuals find white papers or attend webinars tailored to their roles, sectors, and company sizes.

Oracle Eloqua’s AI technology also lets DocuSign analyze how users went from exploring the platform’s features to buying a subscription, helping the company modify its lead-scoring algorithms and determine the best engagement model for each type of prospect.

Another key benefit of using Oracle CX Marketing is its built-in regulatory compliance modules, especially for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. The Oracle application encrypts all of the data captured from users of the DocuSign platform and then whitelists internal email addresses to allow only approved marketing staffers to access those users’ information. For example, Oracle Eloqua’s built-in security capabilities let DocuSign marketers in France see only contact information for customers in France.

“We can create the logic with as many permutations as we need to comply today, and then adapt the logic to comply with the laws as they change in the future,” says Andrew Stafford, DocuSign senior director of marketing operations.

DocuSign has also integrated its platform with Oracle CX Sales and Oracle Cloud HCM using Oracle Integration, making it much easier for account reps to execute sales contracts and for HR managers to get new employees to sign tax forms and non-disclosure agreements.

Published:May 27, 2020