TrendFoods speeds meal delivery with Oracle Commerce

TrendFoods chooses Oracle Commerce and Oracle Responsys to create a more agile and fluid user experience.


The challenge TrendFoods faced was to choose a partnership that could offer stability, a buying experience, and a relationship with our customers. Oracle Commerce working in conjunction with Oracle Responsys brought us the experience I wanted—that is, an agile experience. It is about buying lunch, buying dinner, and it starts and ends in less than an hour.

Rosana Mayumi KimuraHead of Technology and Innovation, Grupo TrendFoods

Business challenges

Grupo TrendFoods was created from the merger of two chains: China in Box and Gendai, both companies that had been operating in the food business for 28 years. The group now is considered the largest specialized fast-food restaurant and delivery service in Brazil.

With more than 300 points of sale spread throughout the country, the group not only delivers Asian cuisine but also has stores in food courts in some shopping centers. With this entire network ready to serve customers, Grupo TrendFoods decided it was time to modernize, transforming the customer experience not only with excellent food but also with agility in online shopping, enabling customers to make purchases via various channels.

The big challenge was to bring this food consumption experience—quality, healthy meals—together with a digitized, modern, and responsive shopping experience for customers.

Why Grupo TrendFoods Chose Oracle

To meet this challenge, Grupo TrendFoods decided to implement the Oracle Commerce system in conjunction with Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to provide more agility and security for customers within the platform.

The group selected Oracle’s solutions, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications, for its products but also for a partnership that extended beyond system implementation and integration. “The choice of Oracle came exactly because of its commitment to provide not only the service and licenses but also a partnership—a business and marketing consultancy in the technology universe,” says Rosana Mayumi Kimura, head of technology and innovation at Grupo TrendFoods.


By deploying Oracle Commerce and Oracle Responsys, Grupo TrendFoods was able to bring a modern, agile experience to customers. In addition, the organization achieved faster speed, with the entire journey—from the start of an order through payment confirmation, food production, and delivery to a customer’s home—taking less than an hour.

The partnership with Oracle also transformed the company’s team, reflected by a leap in team quality. “Our founder, Robinson Shiba, used this expression a lot, which is actually an African philosophy, Ubuntu: ‘I am what we all are,’” says Kimura. “This is what this relationship with Oracle represents for TrendFoods. We are today what we are—with ecommerce, with Oracle Commerce and Oracle Responsys—because Oracle is all of these together with us.”

Published:August 27, 2021