Panasonic automates digital-first service experiences with Oracle B2C Service

The electronics maker improves customer satisfaction, promotes repeat purchases, and inspires brand loyalty by adopting Oracle B2C Service.


Business challenges

A world leader in electronics manufacturing, Panasonic is known for a range of products including household appliances, factory equipment, IT and telecommunication devices, and automotive parts.

Panasonic continues to improve operations by implementing customer feedback. As such, the company realized the need for an integrated solution to manage product information globally. The company also wanted to better equip Panasonic call center agents with FAQ and customer behavior information to help them maintain high customer satisfaction during interactions.

In addition, Panasonic wanted to enable customer self-service and deliver immediate and AI-driven chatbot functionality to customers who had inquiries about anything from home appliances to housing equipment.

Why Panasonic chose Oracle

Several functions of Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Digital Assistant supported Panasonic’s commitment to customers, including self-service functionality, robust intelligence, knowledgebase search, smart assistant, reporting, and guided assistant features.

Oracle Digital Assistant could also be integrated into other messaging applications such as LINE, enabling interactive communication with customers and supporting FAQ search on Web forms, resulting in highly accurate responses.

The number of customer calls and emails managed by the call center has been reduced by 50%, while the volume of customers using Oracle Digital Assistant has increased tenfold.


The integration of Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Digital Assistant has streamlined data management and operations for Panasonic, managing both the chatbot and CRM databases for messaging apps and web forms. With the expansion of the knowledgebase for the call center agents and availability of the intelligent FAQ, the number of customer calls and emails managed by the call center has been reduced by 50%, while the volume of customers using Digital Assistant has increased tenfold.

Panasonic was able to easily migrate contents from the previous customer support website into Oracle B2C Service via a seamless transition despite the change in systems. The ability of Oracle B2C Service to aggregate customers’ concerns and provide resolution ensures frictionless contact center operations and provides data-based reports, including the delivery of customer comments in real time.

With Oracle B2C Service, a contact center agent can add or modify knowledge base with minimum supervision, delivering swift responses and resolutions. By automating and improving service and empowering customers to self-serve, Panasonic has increased its Net Promoter Score since the implementation.

The increased customer self-serve rate and subsequent decrease in workload has made it possible for Panasonic to shorten operations of call centers by as much as two hours, especially in the evenings when activity is low. The company is working to expand the adoption of Oracle B2C Service for its FAQ and Digital Assistant in a continuing effort to improve global customer satisfaction.

Published:May 19, 2022

About the customer

Panasonic is an international electronics manufacturer. The company prides itself in providing products and solutions that contribute to the daily lives of consumers in homes and across society.