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Oracle Audiences

Reach your most relevant buyers with the highest propensity to buy your products or services. Oracle Audiences has built and acquired the most accurate audience datasets, constantly curated to ensure relevancy and scale, so you can deliver effective global advertising campaigns and increase customer acquisitions. Our privacy-centric approach has security and compliance at its core, while deploying these audience segments throughout the digital ecosystem, reaching relevant viewers wherever else they choose to engage online.

Reach the right people for Mother’s Day Reach the right people for Mother’s Day

Locate and engage with the best fit and most valuable audience for your Mother’s Day campaign.

Reach the most relevant people for Father's Day Reach the most relevant people for Father's Day

Find the right purchase-based audience for your Father's Day advertising campaign.

Explore Oracle Audiences

Oracle Audiences

Oracle Proprietary Audiences

Oracle Proprietary Audiences combines audiences sourced from offline, verified data spanning automotive, consumer packaged goods, and retail verticals with data sourced from online behavioral habits.

Premier Branded Audiences

To ensure advertisers have access to the full gamut of data signals available online, our Premier Branded Audiences source the highest quality, most trusted, and privacy-centric third-party audiences available. Our partnerships span more than 75 providers, plus a select group of 18 premier data providers.

Audiences by Oracle

Audiences by Oracle curate the best signals from within Oracle's own datasets and those sourced from third-party providers to deliver increased quality and scale, diverse signals, and simplified buying and cost structures.

Oracle ID Graph and audience modeling

Delivering a unified view

Underpinning Oracle's audience data and modeling is our proprietary identity graph, which helps you unify disparate data sources, reach intended buyers, connect available identifiers, and attribute sales and conversions.

Modeling backed by data science

We use sophisticated modeling to deliver audiences that drive customer acquisition. The modeled audiences are built on Oracle's strong datasets to deliver scale, reach, and precision, ensuring that you’re reaching the most relevant buyers.

Seasonal audience planning

While many audience targeting approaches can be effective year-round, you may have better results by leveraging specific audience segments built for seasonal events.

New Year/ New You

Capture people as they focus on self-improvement and shift into a healthy “new year/new you” mindset. Whether you’re looking for audiences who are joining a gym, eating healthy, or planning a mid-winter beach vacation, you can reach the right people with your digital advertising campaigns.

Valentine's Day

Whether you’re looking for frequent jewelry buyers, chocoholics, or flower delivery devotees, we have the audience segment that can meet your targeting needs for Valentine’s Day.

Mother's Day

Greeting card buyers and frequent brunch diners are popular audiences to engage during Mother's Day. Other targeting options include lifestyle/life stage audiences and demographic segments that help reach those who are looking to celebrate the moms in their life.

Father's Day

Utilize purchase-based audiences to attract and engage outdoor enthusiasts, sports fans, gamers, or barbecue lovers. Greeting card buyers and other lifestyle audiences can help you reach those likely to be shopping for Father’s Day gifts.

Summer Travel

Capture in-market travelers as they plan their spring and summer vacations. Reach potential customers as they migrate from awareness and consideration to buying airfare, hotels, and/or rental cars. Past purchase travel data can also help you tap into those audiences who make similar trips every year.

Back to School

Prepare for that back-to-school shopping surge with the right audience segments. A variety of categories ranging from school lunch supplies, clothing, technology, and others are available. We can help you capture the attentions of those shoppers and the brands they visit to ensure your products are added to the school shopping list.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Kick-off the holiday shopping season with purchase-based audience segments built to meet the shopping preference of your targeted consumer, no matter if they shop offline or online.


Reach holiday shoppers early as you plan for the gift-giving and shopping season. From heavy buyer audiences to last-minute deal shoppers, take advantage of Oracle's audience segments to target shoppers along their purchase journey, building awareness and product consideration.

Available channels

Consumers are not only more digitally connected through smartphones, laptops, gaming devices, and TVs, they also seamlessly bounce across devices, media formats, and platforms throughout their day. With Oracle Audiences, you can develop a cohesive audience strategy that is portable across platforms and allows you to find your intended audience wherever they engage online.

Demand-side platforms (DSPs)

Use a demand-side platform (DSP) to activate Oracle Audiences and expand your reach. Our audience segments are available on all major DSPs, such as Amazon DSP, Google, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, and Xandr.

Social platforms

Capture the attention of a highly engaged and logged-in user base across social platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. Oracle’s audiences, particularly those built from purchase data and other offline signals, compliments the native targeting signals available on these platforms.

Retail media

Convert more lower-funnel audiences and make sure your product ends up in shopping carts. Engage relevant consumers who are likely to buy on some of the largest ecommerce platforms, such as Amazon and other major retail media networks operating through DSP partnerships. Oracle’s purchase-based and in-market audiences complement your targeting solutions.

Streaming audio

Engage your audience as they listen to their favorite music and podcasts on platforms, such as Pandora and Spotify.


Segment TV viewers into linear or video-on-demand (VOD) using cable, satellite, and set-top boxes to target different households. Avoid wasted media spend and increase ad relevancy for engaged TV viewers through partnerships with DirecTV or Dish.

TV—connected (CTV)

Explore one of the fastest-growing platforms, connected TV, with a fully immersive ad experience. Oracle Audiences helps you deliver ads to your most valued customers and prospects on Hulu, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more.

Industry-specific audiences

Every industry has a unique market dynamic, business objective, and set of goals that they try to reach through advertising. Oracle Advertising has developed a suite of targeting solutions to deliver on these needs, and it’s available to activate across all channels where you run digital media.


Engage in-market automobile shoppers. Oracle Advertising has the audience segments needed to engage the right person at the right time, including those searching for a new vehicle, current customers, and competitors' customers—all by make and model.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

Drive incremental sales, convert buyers of competitive brands, recapture lapsed shoppers, increase household penetration, and drive trials of new products through various CPG audience solutions. In addition to purchase-based audiences, such as brand and category buyers, you can utilize complimentary targeting solutions such as demographic, life stage, lifestyle, and seasonal audiences.

Media and entertainment

Reach your target audience as they consume content across multiple devices. Oracle offers a host of segments, including gaming, podcasting, and CTV viewership by program and/or latest theatrical blockbuster releases. Target by interest, device ownership, proximity, purchase behavior, and more.


Oracle purchase-based retail audiences are built from multiple data sources. These include SKU-level offline and ecommerce transaction data from more than 500 retailers and trip-level spend data from more than 50,000 merchants. Target frequent shoppers or high spenders by category or onboard your first-party data to reach existing customers and build spend-a-like models to acquire new customers. Additional audiences frequently used by retailers include lifestyle, life stage, proximity, and seasonal audiences.


Reach frequent or heavy restaurant spenders by different cuisine types, based on their prior purchases. You can also reach households near dining establishments or specific chain locations. Additional targeting solutions allow you to engage with families who have meal kit subscriptions, order take out frequently, or cook various cuisines at home.

Technology and telecommunications

Use Oracle Audience solutions to reach consumers in-market for new phones, computers, home electronics, and more. Leverage lapsed buyer audience segments to find those ready for their next upgrade or tap into other audiences, including cord-cutters, device ownership, and switching propensity.

La-Z-Boy logo

How Oracle Data Cloud helps La-Z-Boy understand their customers’ needs on a deeper level

From identifying the types of customers who are most interested in La-Z-Boy’s products to understanding when buyers are in-market for furniture, Oracle Data Cloud helps La-Z-Boy grow their brand.

Oracle Audiences key benefits

  • Increase awareness and efficiency

    Increase brand awareness and campaign efficiency through purchase-based audiences.

    One company tells their story (PDF)

  • Drive conversions and campaign success

    Bring precision and accuracy to your campaign so you can zero in on relevant buyers and convert them into customers.

    One company shares their results (PDF)

  • Maximize leads with in-market audiences

    With Oracle’s in-market audiences ensure ads reach high-value prospects—reducing cost-per-lead and increasing click-through rates.

    See one company’s results (PDF)

FEBRUARY 3, 2022

Heavy buyer audiences: 3 reasons to include top spenders in every ad campaign

It can be a challenge to determine which target audience will deliver the biggest results, but one strategy consistently drives measurable outcomes—targeting heavy buyers. Heavy buyer audiences—the customers who routinely spend the most in any product category—are a key tool to reaching your primary KPIs and increasing revenue gains. Why? Here are the top three reasons.

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