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Oracle Activation

Oracle Activation features a full suite of audience data solutions and contextual targeting technology to help you reach the right people, target high-impact environments, protect ad spend, and strengthen brand safety protocols.

Upgrade your advertising targeting toolkit in 2022

In the era of cookie deprecation, privacy expectations, and more media channels, contextual targeting is becoming essential. Learn how you can leverage it at our webinar on January 26, 2022.

Oracle Activation—Advertising targeting features


Engage your most relevant audiences, maximize campaign efficiency, eliminate wasted spend, and drive better results. With more than 50,000 audience segments, Oracle’s quality curated data assets span all verticals and data types, including purchase-based, online behavioral, demographic, and more so you can reach anonymized audiences most relevant to your business, wherever they’re engaged.


Oracle OnRamp takes your offline first-party data assets online so you can plan and budget appropriately, whether engaging active customers and prospects, reactivating lapsed customer accounts, or reducing spend on current customers. Onboarded data is available for analysis, modeling, segmentation, insights, and delivery to partners for activation.

Contextual Intelligence

Our Contextual Intelligence solution helps advertisers and publishers understand the underlying meaning of the environment where ads are served—including text, video, and pictures—enabling you to mitigate brand safety risks while identifying where your ads will get the most engagement.


World Wrestling Entertainment realizes 23% increase in clickthrough rate and a 351% increase in conversion rate

By determining the keywords and stories trending among their fans, World Wrestling Entertainment captured new potential audiences and increased their reach.

Advertising and data activation key benefits

NOVEMBER 22, 2021

The art of activation for the 2021 holiday shopping season

Tim Carr, Product Marketing Director, Oracle

It’s that time of year again—the holiday shopping season. But this year is different, with people looking at this year’s holiday shopping season through a new lens. As the busiest buying days of the year approach, there are three facts to keep in mind that can help you reach and activate holiday shoppers in your product niche.

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Create great customer experiences

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