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Product Tour—Oracle Audience Segmentation

Consolidate, segment, and activate audience data

Consolidate, segment, and activate audience data

Introducing Oracle Audience Segmentation

Improve your marketing campaign engagement and ROI by more effectively segmenting and targeting using online, offline, and third-party enriched data. Use Oracle Audience Segmentation to consolidate customer data, create precise segments to target the most relevant people for each campaign, prioritize offers for those who match the criteria of more than one segment, and then activate segments across your CRM.

Explore Oracle Audience Segmentation

Use Oracle’s advanced audience segmentation capabilities

Advanced segmentation capabilities

Boost your audience segmentation process by decoupling your data and segmentation platform from the creation, deployment, and analyzation of your marketing campaigns. Easily consolidate disparate forms of customer data to be activated across marketing channels.

Oracle Audience Segmentation helps you consolidate, segment, and activate customer data across marketing channels.

Manage, customer, and update customer data

Consolidate customer data

Access siloed data through one flexible data model to review, manage, customize, and update it as needed.

Add new custom objects or new attributes to existing objects, define new object relationships, rename existing objects/attributes, and more.

You can also evaluate data quality and hide or mask data for security reasons.

Explore Oracle Audience Segmentation

Agile audience assembly

Create audience segments with an intuitive segment designer

Easily drag and drop attributes and apply conditions to build or edit audience segments.

Navigate through multiple data objects, include or exclude attributes, and evaluate data density without using SQL code.

Avoid message fatigue with waterfall-based segmentation when people match multiple conditions.

Quickly alter or build new audience segments as your goals or campaign strategies change.

Audience segmentation integration

Activate audience data across CX systems

Take advantage of prebuilt connectors and bi-directional integration with email marketing, campaign management, or customer loyalty tools, such as Oracle Responsys and CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement.

Refresh new batches of audience data in CX systems on demand or on a schedule. Leverage several options to activate data using built-in connectors, SFTP, or through Oracle Cloud.

Why use Oracle Audience Segmentation

Why use Oracle Audience Segmentation?

Powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Audience Segmentation is highly efficient and scalable. Ingest and segment large amounts of data with ease. Use flexible, native B2B and B2C data models to organize your data.

With an easy-to-use interface, seamlessly select attributes, define conditions, and create segments. Leverage built-in connections to publish your segments across advertising, marketing, sales, service, analytics, and more.

Audience segmentation for B2C marketing

Support B2C marketing campaigns

Use your newly created audience segments to support your B2C marketing campaigns across all marketing channels. Adjust on the fly as conditions change.

Learn more about Oracle B2C Marketing

Learn more about Oracle Audience Segmentation