What Is RightNow?

RightNow Customer Service is now Oracle Service Cloud

In 2011 Oracle acquired RightNow Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based customer service software. Today, RightNow Customer Service is now Oracle Service Cloud. By combining Oracle CRM and RightNow Service, Oracle has delivered superior customer experience (CX) capabilities at every contact and across every channel.

Oracle Service Cloud is an important part of Oracle’s best-in-class, connected CX cloud suite. As a part of Oracle Customer Experience (CX), Oracle Service Cloud provides unique service experiences that enable your company to differentiate its brand and deliver legendary experiences to your customers.

RightNow features now within Customer Experience Service Cloud

Oracle RightNow Analytics Cloud

Oracle RightNow Analytics Cloud provided actionable insights, empowering frontline workers to make better and quicker decisions. Fully integrated across all Customer Experience (CX) products, Oracle delivers full visibility across all customer touchpoints, spanning customer service, sales, marketing, and feedback functions. Oracle Analytics provides visibility across all interaction channels by capturing, organizing, presenting, and disseminating real-time actionable knowledge with speed and flexibility.

Oracle RightNow Video Chat Cloud Service

Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud enabled companies to provide a premium web experience that delivers proven results including higher customer satisfaction, increased conversion, and improved efficiency. It provides a way to engage customers before they abandon their purchases and also assists website visitors who are having problems solving service issues on their own. Sessions can be initiated by customers or triggered proactively, based on company-defined rules.

Oracle RightNow Cobrowse Cloud Service

This add-on for chat, dynamic agent, desktop, or enterprise contact center provides real-time, visual collaboration to improve the quality of online customer interactions. Customer service agents can visually guide customers through online environments while they talk or chat. Your brand gets a boost as visitors find what they need and feel positive about the service they receive in the process.

Oracle RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service

The dynamic agent desktop in Oracle Service Cloud is your staff members’ portal to your knowledge base. It is comprised of a set of complementary features, each representing a different, powerful way of interacting with records. While each component serves a distinct purpose, they can be used together to create a highly adaptive work environment. This can help you match your customers’ needs to an appropriate set of agent tools and free your staff to focus only on those parts of the process that cannot be automated.

Dynamic Agent Desktop Service

Oracle RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service: contact center experience designer feature

How do you bridge the gap between internal processes and customer experiences? With this feature—now part of Oracle Customer Service—you decide how agents should handle each situation and then easily design the experience to match.

Oracle RightNow Feedback Cloud Service

Oracle Feedback Cloud Service is a fully integrated, multichannel enterprise feedback solution that enables you to capture, measure, and act on critical customer insight so that you can continuously improve customer experience, retention, and loyalty. Now part of Oracle Service, this solution makes it easy to listen to—and act on—customer feedback across website, social media, and contact center touchpoints.

Oracle RightNow Innovation Community Cloud Service

Oracle RightNow Innovation Community Cloud Service enabled you to connect and collaborate with your most loyal, knowledgeable customers—the ones with strong opinions and great product ideas. Take your products from good to great by enabling your customers to contribute to your product roadmap, helping you validate, prioritize, and refine your ideas. By providing your most devoted customers with a feeling of belonging in your community, you can build a dynamic, cost-effective path of continuous innovation.

Oracle RightNow Outreach Cloud Service

Create proactive, relevant communications based on complete knowledge of your customers. This service automatically adds marketing activity to customer records, giving agents a complete and accurate view of your customers.

Oracle RightNow Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service

This service enabled you to reach consumers on their own turf and deliver exceptional customer service. Oracle RightNow Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service gave your customers and fans multiple options for interacting with your organization—including self-service, crowd service, and agent-assisted service—directly from a customer service tab on your Facebook page.

Oracle RightNow Social Experience

Oracle RightNow Social Experience enabled brands to harness consumer influence and passion in service of the brand. It extended your customers’ experience to the places where consumers are learning, sharing, and buying across social media including social media monitoring branded online communities, and a full-service Facebook experience.

Oracle RightNow Web Experience

Oracle RightNow Web Experience enables consumers to engage with your company when they want, through the channel they prefer. It uses your organization’s knowledge and subject matter experts to empower consumers to do research, purchase products, and resolve issues online, with or without agent assistance. It also preserves interactions across all communications channels, providing a single view of the consumer.

Policy-driven citizen experiences

Today’s citizens struggle to understand their constantly changing rights and obligations under social services, tax, licensing, compliance, and other regulations. Citizens demand—and expect—customer services that equal private sector experiences. Government agencies need a solution that can ease policy instantiations, improve decision making, and deliver an agile, personalized and consistent experience to citizens across their service continuum. Citizens should be able to access these experiences across channels and at times of their choice, simply and quickly. Oracle Policy Automation in combination with the Oracle Service delivers this capability.

Why choose Oracle CX?

Connected data, connected intelligence

Today’s customers demand new experiences driven by personalized channels and choices. Each customer journey is unique, but you need to ensure each experience is seamless and personalized. Leverage best-of-breed CX solutions by channel or bring them together into a connected engagement through data, behavioral intelligence, and experiences across all lines of business.

Help your business stand out from the competition by delivering first-rate experiences to your customers. Connect the customer journey and accelerate transformation with Oracle Customer Experience.