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Advancing the Future of Cloud with Arm-Based Computing

Tuesday, 25 May, 2021

Bringing the Power of Arm to the Cloud (22:55)

Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Renée James, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Ampere Computing
Chris Bergey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm
Victor Jakubiuk, CTO, OnSpecta
Tim Danford, CEO, Genymobile
Simon McIntosh-Smith, Professor of High Performance Computing, University of Bristol
Alexander Breuer, Professor, University of Jena

Today, Arm-based compute is at an inflection point. Learn how market momentum, investments in the Arm ecosystem, and a new Oracle offering make it easy for customers and developers to access this exciting technology in the cloud. You'll also hear leaders at Oracle, Ampere, and Arm reveal tools, solutions, and support to fuel Arm-based development.

Highlights: Advancing the Future of Cloud with Arm-Based Computing (5:59)

Ampere Computing and Arm share their vision for the Arm ecosystem

Why Choose Ampere Altra on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? (5:08)

In this Q&A, Ampere CEO Renee James makes the case that leading-edge performance from the new Ampere Altra processor—combined with a growing software ecosystem—can deliver the performance, power, and scalability enterprises demand.

How Is Arm Changing the Cloud? (10:17)

Deployed in more than 180 billion chips, Arm technology is now redefining data centers and the cloud with server-side processors. In this Q&A with Arm executive Chris Bergey, you’ll learn why the market for this technology is accelerating.

Arm Endorses Oracle’s Ampere Altra A-1 Compute Instance (1:15)

Chris Bergey of Arm shares how the partnership between Oracle, Ampere, and Arm led to the availability of Arm compute on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Discover how Arm-based processors deliver leading performance, power efficiency, and cost savings.

Organizations leverage Arm-based cloud computing for its linear scalability and price-performance

OnSpecta Accelerates AI Models with Arm-Based Servers on Oracle Cloud (1:11)

With OCI Ampere A1 Compute, OnSpectra improved the performance of its deep-learning software inference engine. Learn how it accelerated deployment for the AI models used in video processing, medical imaging, and recommendation engines.

Genymobile Brings Android as a Service with Arm on OCI (1:04)

Developers and QA can now create, customize and run Android virtual devices that run natively on Arm-based Ampere A1 compute, providing excellent performance while supporting Android native tools.

Everything just worked, and then everything just ran…really fast on Arm-based platform (0:58)

Learn how professors and students in the University of Bristol’s high-performance computing department saw performance on par with the best available technology at a fraction of the cost with Ampere Altra on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

University of Jena Powers Large-Scale Calculations with Arm Compute (1:08)

With Arm-based processors, the University of Jena can run multiple, simultaneous workloads of complex calculations and analytics—all while teaching the latest technology. Hear what professors say about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ampere A1 Compute.