Tech Companies and Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Cloud ERP underpins the hypergrowth, iconic companies that are household names today as well as the most promising businesses that are poised for future success. In an industry that thrives on innovation, Oracle delivers modern ERP with embedded AI, automation, and an immersive user experience so you don’t have to sacrifice agility for growth. Oracle Cloud ERP solutions help drive operational excellence in all areas of your business, including product management, strategy, finance, and operations.

Discover how Oracle Cloud ERP can help you gain agility and be ready for growth

Modernizing lead-to-cash for sustained profitability

Learn more about transforming your organization’s lead-to-cash process.

Oracle is a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Configure, Price, Quote Solutions, Q2 2023

See how “…Oracle CPQ is positioned at the center of the modern quote-to-cash” and was named a Leader.

The benefits of a Tech Industry Cloud ERP

01Continuous business monitoring

Machine learning monitors every aspect of your business at all times, ensuring you can seize every opportunity or address any emerging threat—before others are even aware of them.

02Touchless processes

Intelligently automate the boring, routine, and mundane processes that inhibit growth. You’ll never have to wait on a batch job or worry about data entry errors.

03Immersive user experience

Use digital assistants, chatbots, and natural language processing to get work done faster and more accurately by streamlining repetitive tasks.

04One, unified cloud

Take advantage of a single cloud environment with a unified data model for consistency across processes, planning, user experience, and innovation cycles.

"The world's going a thousand miles an hour, so for me to say, ‘Wait, I need another week’ just doesn't work anymore. Oracle is reimagining the financial systems footprint. It's a true transformation at Lyft with the products we're implementing."

Lisa Blackwood-Kapral

Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Lyft


Tech Industry and Oracle Cloud ERP features

Deliver your growth goals without sacrificing the speed and agility that got you here. Oracle Cloud ERP customers were able to rapidly pivot during Covid-19, executing new business models with confidence and clarity.

Trusted financial information

Create a single source of financial truth that your corporate accounting and FP&A teams can rely on

Self-service customer capabilities

Reduce billing costs with self-service bill management so your customers can review their accounts, make payments, dispute transactions online, or even print them out if they need to

Powerful accounting engine

Handle high transaction volumes with a powerful and centralized accounting engine that delivers unmatched processing speed

Truly connect all planning

Drive agile, connected plans—including scenario modeling, long-range planning, budgeting, line-of-business planning

Capital projects

Simplify the tracking of all capital asset costs and transactions associated with projects

Build trust and transparency with embedded dashboards

Share real-time dashboards with all stakeholders and offer restricted access to external auditors

“Oracle and Square share a joint commitment to leveraging AI and machine learning to automate the mundane.”

Ajmere Dale, Chief Accounting Officer, Square