Product Tour—Oracle Recruiting and Recruiting Booster

Hire the best and brightest with Oracle Recruiting

Recruiting skilled talent is always a priority but never comes easy. New business requirements, shifting employee expectations, and unprecedented change have made it tough for organizations to build a winning workforce.

Oracle Recruiting and Oracle Fusion Cloud Recruiting Booster are the solutions that will help you solve these challenges and hire for the future.

Forge meaningful candidate relationships

Develop relationships like a marketer, with powerful sourcing, recruitment marketing, and candidate relationship management (CRM) tools, all of which drive communication and engagement with active and passive talent.

Deliver exceptional candidate experiences

Treat candidates like customers with captivating, personalized, and consumerlike experiences through branded landing pages and mobile-responsive tools that result in larger talent pools and less applicant drop-off.

Encourage career mobility

Drive internal mobility by gaining visibility into the career aspirations and skills of current employees, who are all automatically considered candidates for open positions.

Streamline communication

Provide candidates and employees with access to digital assistants for quick answers to questions and guided task completion, all in one place.

Leverage intelligent tools

Expedite hiring and make smarter selections with AI-powered tools that are designed to help organizations recognize perfect candidate fits and identify processes that require improvement.

Align recruiting and business needs

Access real-time analytics and generate talent reports through all the stages of employment, empowering teams to make better business decisions.

Collaborate with LinkedIn

Leverage built-in LinkedIn integrations, such as Recruiter System Connect and Talent Profile Import, designed to help you find better matches, encourage referrals, and remove the need to navigate between different technology platforms.

Expand job awareness

Make it easy for recruiters to create, manage, and promote hiring events, embedded directly within your job portal. Track RSVPs, prescreen attendees, and measure success with analytics.

Engage candidates at scale

Converse with talent using two-way text and email messages and track every interaction. Enhance the Oracle Digital Assistant experience by providing candidates with intelligent job recommendations, application support, interview scheduling, and survey capabilities.

Schedule interviews faster

See every interview related to a candidate group, requisition, or event, plus your own personal schedule and feedback in one centralized location. Use automation to identify ideal interview times that work with everyone’s availability and that candidates can quickly confirm.