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Oracle Thought Leaders
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Thought leaders drive innovation, drive change, and drive business forward—both their own and their customers’. Oracle’s thought leaders represent a wide range of technologies and areas of expertise, from social engagement to business analytics to human capital management. Spend some time with our thought leaders and find out where technology is going, and how your business can benefit.


Gretchen Alarcon photo

Gretchen Alarcon

is a human resources leader and talent advocate, helping align workforce needs with business objectives. She understands the changing needs of the modern employee and how technology can offer employers the tools and resources to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Jeremy Ashley photo

Jeremy Ashley

sets the cloud user experience (UX) strategy at Oracle using his background in industrial and human factors design. Ashley believes the only metric that matters—regardless of the technology—is whether you can get your job done accurately and efficiently.

Reggie Bradford photo

Reggie Bradford

is a three-time entrepreneur who participated in the creation and building of market-leading startups in three different industries, including the cloud-based social marketing and engagement platform company, Vitrue, acquired by Oracle in 2012.

Colleen Cassity

Colleen Cassity

uses a design thinking approach to solve real-world problems. With her team and partners, she creates and implements rewarding giving and volunteering programs that have a positive impact across the globe.

Steve Cox photo

Steve Cox

believes that finance teams should be digital leaders: automating, simplifying, and outsourcing tasks that don’t add value so that their teams can identify new opportunities, improve forecasting, and drive value for the business.

Jeb Dasteel photo

Jeb Dasteel

is a pioneer in the customer experience management field. As Oracle’s chief customer officer, he works across the company to deliver continuously stronger collaboration with customers that helps them achieve their desired business outcomes.

Bertrand Dussert photo

Bertrand Dussert

has advised HR leadership from more than a third of all companies in the Fortune 100. He works with chief human resource officers and their leadership teams to help assess the implications of technology disruptions on their business. Dussert focuses on what’s changing, what’s different, how the business leverages people and data to win, and where to start innovating for future success.

Chuck Hollis photo

Chuck Hollis

Chuck Hollis’ expertise is the strategic intersection of marketing, business development, and technology. An executive at VMware and EMC prior to joining Oracle as senior vice president for converged infrastructure, Chuck has long been a popular industry blogger and commentator.

Laura Ipsen photo

Laura Ipsen

is a modern marketing leader who creates innovative solutions with partners and customers to drive transformative change. She is passionate about using information and communications technology to connect and deliver meaningful digital interactions that engage and build relationships.

Loren Mahon photo

Loren Mahon

believes that effective operations enable businesses to focus on innovation. By applying simplification, standardization, centralization, and automation you can successfully drive transformative change.

Paul Sonderegger photo

Paul Sonderegger

is a strategist and the originator of Oracle’s ideas on the rise of data capital. He helps senior executives see new competitive strategies in the rampant digitization and datafication of the real world.

Amit Zavery photo

Amit Zavery

strongly focuses on making life for developers more efficient, continuously working on all the pieces needed for an agile developer environment. To achieve these objectives he sets the agenda for product strategy, roadmap, product positioning, product development, and go-to-market initiatives for Oracle Cloud Platform and the Oracle Fusion Middleware product family.