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Jeremy Ashley

Jeremy Ashley
Cloud Disrupts the Design Strategy for Traditional Applications


Innovation is at the heart of this user experience transition.

The applications in a workplace are not somebody’s job. Oracle’s software acts as an assistant, supporting people as they do their work. We look beyond technology and function to understand the entire day of someone’s work as well as the whole business, to create an application with an elegant and beautiful user experience that enables our customers to excel in their job. Our industry is undergoing a transition, and we must understand and satisfy our customers’ expectations for simplicity and a contemporary experience. Our goal in creating an innovative user experience is not to make the same thing different, but to make it better with each evolution.

Jeremy Ashley Biography

By combining R&D with user experience design and engineering, Group Vice President Jeremy Ashley has developed and driven a new design strategy specifically for Oracle’s move to the applications cloud. He leads a multidisciplinary organization which is laser-focused on product innovations that center on the user’s success. His vision shapes the strategy for an Oracle user experience that embodies the principles of simplicity and mobility.

Studies at the Royal College of Art in London and stints with Apple and Taligent have shaped Ashley’s career, in which he has given design guidance on every product family and acquisition in the Oracle applications portfolio. He contributes regularly to the OracleVoice blog on Forbes.com and is a member of the Design Management Institute, his local chapter of the human-computer interaction community (San Francisco Bay ACM SIGCHI Chapter–BayCHI), and the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA).