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Paul Sonderegger

Oracle Luminaries
The Rise of Data Capital


The digitization and datafication of nearly everything demands new competitive strategies.

Data Capital Disrupts

Data is now a kind of capital, on par with financial capital. And just like financial capital, having more than your competition is necessary but not sufficient. Companies will have to embrace new tactics like platform competition and network effects to create sustainable competitive advantage as their industries become ever more data-intensive. While these changes will be more intense for some businesses than others, none will be left untouched.


Paul Sonderegger is Oracle’s big data strategist. He works closely with executive teams in large organizations to help them understand how data capital changes the way companies compete. He also helps Oracle’s big data product teams use real-world examples to influence future product directions. Sonderegger is a highly sought-after speaker on the intersection of competitive strategy and data capital, and is a contributing author at and DataInformed. Prior to joining Oracle, Sonderegger was chief strategist at Endeca, a discovery analytics company. Before Endeca, he was a principal analyst at Forrester Research, specializing in search and user-experience design. Sonderegger has a BA from Wake Forest University.