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Popüler Sorular

Service Center

Oracle Service Cloud’s cross-channel customer service enables organizations to provide quick, consistent, proactive, and reactive assisted service across multiple channels. Oracle’s intuitive, productive, integrated, contextual, and scalable solution enables your agents to focus on the customer instead of multiple applications.


Oracle Service Center

Case Management

Case Management

Engage with your customers through fully connected channels, route to the right agent the first time, and enable integration to both cloud and on-premise ACDs through published APIs.

Guided Resolution

Guided Resolution

Guide agents through customer interactions and ramp-up agents quickly. Leverage patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology to suggest answers, reduce agent handle times, and ensure consistent knowledge delivery.

Contextual Experiences

Contextual Experiences

Provide agents with contextually relevant, just-in-time information. Easily automate repetitive steps, load data, and fill in information using an intuitive business user designer.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Personalize proactive communications with valuable customers. Solicit customer feedback any time during the customer journey. Enhance your brand communications with automated system notifications and email.

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

Seamlessly integrate back-end systems for a unified agent experience. Infuse dynamic, task-based flows adjusted to skills, context, and segments. Manage service operations with agility and lower your TCO.

Key Capabilities

Build a Next-Generation Service Center

Empower Agents

Take Your Service Center to the Next Level

Is your outdated service center keeping you up at night? Learn how to build a next-generation service center. Empower your agents and master first-call resolution.

Consistent Experience

Deliver Consistent Service Experiences

One bad experience can ruin a good customer relationship. It happens when expectations are meet in one channel, but not another. Find out how to deliver consistent, positive service experiences.


Onboard and Retain Agents Effectively

Successfully onboarding call center agents raises retention, improves performance, and accelerates their time to full productivity.

Enterprise Feedback

Capture the Voice of Your Customer

It’s tough to improve CX without understanding your customer’s journey. Gather actionable data about where and why things go right—or wrong.


Monitor Service Operations

To successfully manage customer service operations, comprehensive and organized reporting on KPIs is essential. Leverage a multichannel service platform to gain insight across all channels.

Streamline Technology

Streamline Technology for Agility

Streamline technology on a single, consolidated, and configurable platform that enables you to react quickly. Meet customer expectations while reducing costs and increasing customer value.

Proactive Notifications

Improve Customer Loyalty with Proactive Communication

Communication is key to improving service quality. Keep your customers informed with personalized, proactive notifications.

Service Center

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Fast, Consistent Service

The cross-channel service center enables businesses to provide quick and consistent assisted service across multiple channels.

Learn how to deliver next-generation service.

Customer Stories

Service Center Success

Payoneer logo

Payoneer Offers Staff a 360-Degree View of Their Customers



See how the company offers its call center staff a 360-degree view of the customer. This holistic experience allows the staff to focus on the customer needs.

BGE logo

BGE, an Exelon Company, Drives CX Success with Oracle Service Cloud



Watch how BGE has adapted to growing customer service expectations by focusing on consistently delivering an enhanced customer experience with Oracle Service Cloud.

Yamaha logo

Yamaha Is Innovating Customer Service for Dealers and Consumers



Discover how Yamaha is bringing a new vision of customer service to life by integrating the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), and mobile technologies.

Kenya Revenue Authority logo

Kenya Revenue Authority Responds to Customers 75% Faster with Oracle Service Cloud


Kenya Revenue Authority

Kenya Revenue Authority is providing better service to customers while improving engagement and operational efficiency.