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Digitize Your Global Value Network

Use Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud to detect, analyze, and resolve disruptions within your enterprise as well as with your key trading partners. Intelligently automate end-to-end processes to make your entire supply chain more efficient and responsive.

Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud
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Product Features

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Supply Chain Planning Collaboration

    Order Forecast Collaboration

  • Share order forecasts with suppliers and review their changes.
  • Supplier Commitment Orchestration

  • Manage the end-to-end process of negotiating supplier commitments, enforcing service-level agreements for commitment horizons, and cycle times.
  • Interoperating with B2B Service Providers

  • Exchange standards-based forecast messages and responses with preintegrated B2B service providers representing hundreds of suppliers.

Supply Chain Execution Collaboration

    Vendor-Managed Inventory

  • Let suppliers determine the replenishment quantities needed to keep you in stock.
  • Contract Manufacturing Collaboration

  • Capture contract manufacturer updates on production progress.
  • Source-to-Settle Collaboration

  • Communicate status and changes to purchase orders, shipments, and invoices.

Application and B2B Integration

    Web Services Integration

  • Easily integrate and automate business processes across applications.
  • Partner Network Definition and Connection

  • Define and connect to entire communities of trading partners through preconfigured communications channels.
  • B2B Message Monitoring

  • View the status of messages as well as any errors.

Supply Chain Visibility

    Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Applications

  • Digitize your physical supply chain with Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud, Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud, and Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud.
  • Blockchain Track and Trace

  • Securely audit logistics transactions across the supply chain in real time.
  • Supply Chain Analytics

  • Visualize and access the performance of your global supply chain.

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Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud


  • Supply planning collaboration
  • Contract manufacturing collaboration
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • Business-to-business message monitoring
  1. Requires a minimum of 10 users. Use by external trading partners is included with your subscription service. Requires a subscription to Oracle Supply Planning Cloud (for planning collaboration), Oracle Supply Chain Execution Cloud and Oracle Procurement Cloud (for contract manufacturing collaboration), and Oracle Supply Chain Execution Cloud and Oracle Procurement Cloud (for vendor-managed inventory).