Oracle Imagine

A workshop to dream big and discover new possibilities that transform your business.

What: Zero-cost strategic workshop

Oracle Imagine Defined (2:13)

Oracle Imagine is a two-to-four-hour virtual workshop where our experts collaborate with you to:

  • Reflect on your business and IT strategy
  • Learn from industry and technology insights
  • Explore transformational opportunities
  • Identify priorities for your future success

After your Oracle Imagine workshop, you’ll receive a summary of insights, use cases, and recommendations for next steps.

Who: Your business and IT leaders + Oracle experts

You bring your C-level executives, line of business leaders, and IT decision makers that are well-versed in your strategy.

Oracle brings its industry gurus, technology experts, and strategy consultants to guide a collaborative, thought-provoking, and engaging workshop.

Digital transformation, IT modernization, data transformation
Oracle’s tri-modal approach to transformation

Why: Driving transformational change

Adoption of digital technologies has accelerated over the past eighteen months and created a re-prioritization of business and IT strategies. Companies that were able to rapidly pivot to digital were not only able to survive, but also thrive amidst complicated market conditions that emerged from the global pandemic. In today’s environment, it’s critical to respond to change with agility and purpose while ensuring meaningful connections with customers, employees, partners, and communities.

Forward-thinking companies are taking a hard look at their business and technology strategies. During an Imagine workshop, we’ll leverage Oracle’s tri-modal approach to transformation to help you look holistically at your strategy and ensure that you’re ready for whatever comes next.

How does Oracle Imagine work?

Oracle Imagine starts with a standard set of activities that are tailored to your specific objectives. Prior to the workshop, we will work with your core team to ensure we bring the right experts, develop impactful hypotheses, and design a highly valuable workshop experience.

Step 1

We listen

Aligning on your strategic priorities

We want to hear from you! Every Oracle Imagine Workshop starts with your senior level leadership providing us with an overview of your business and technology strategy.

  • What’s your vision for the future?
  • What are your short-and-long term goals?
  • How do you define transformation, and how does this impact your business and technology decision making?
Step 2

We provide expert insights

Market, industry, and technology trends

Oracle will bring industry and technology experts to the discussion that will provide you with the following:

  • A point of view that includes industry and technology trends, drivers, and inhibitors impacting your business.
  • Examples of success stories from companies facing the same challenges, evolutionary path, and transformational desires as you.
Step 3

We dream big through collaboration

Art of the possible with design thinking

Together, we focus on creating your future. We leverage interactive tools such as Mural that use interactive Post-It Notes™ to collaboratively refine your strategy, prioritize use cases, and uncover opportunities.

  • Establish your path to transformation by identifying opportunities and addressing your critical blockers.
  • What are your desired outcomes and how can we help you succeed?
  • What focus areas can we prioritize to help you maximize value?
Step 4

Recap and next steps

Personalized Summary Document

We will provide you with personalized summary.

After an Imagine Workshop, you’ll receive custom summary that includes a recap of the meeting, an overview of relevant industry and tech trends, and actionable recommendations.

No risk. No cost. Real results.

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