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Driving CIOs

You & IaaS

What’s Driving CIOs to Adopt the New IaaS Generation?

Andrew Sordam, Vice President, Oracle EMEA

Our latest IaaS survey reveals the business benefits of adopting the technology.

CIOs were first drawn to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technology because of its potential to help them cut costs. A new generation of IaaS solutions enter the market—and as more organizations adopt the technology—we asked how their perceptions of IaaS have changed.

Andrew Sordam

Andrew Sordam, Vice President, Oracle EMEA

Improving attitudes, delivering results

Our latest Pulse Survey was conducted in July and August 2017. It captured the views of 1,600 senior IT professionals, and looked at what’s changed in the three months since the previous survey. The results show IaaS adoption continues to grow, and attitudes are increasingly positive. Thanks to the efficiency it delivers, IaaS is quickly becoming the default choice for enterprise cloud environments. But that’s not all. Organizations across EMEA are seeing other great benefits too. We’ve produced a mini report that explores the results in more detail, and a quick guide that highlights the top five businesses benefits.

Adding value, and boosting competitive advantage

Businesses aren’t adopting IaaS just to keep pace with cloud-enabled competitors. Over half those surveyed say they’ve increased productivity since deploying IaaS, either through greater efficiency, faster time to market for new products and services, or better use of IT staff. In fact, more than a third of IaaS users say they expect to see non-adopters struggle to compete.

 Businesses aren’t adopting IaaS just to keep pace with cloud-enabled competitors. 

Driving innovation, and growing with the business

Change is constant across every sector, and organizations that fall behind in their use of IaaS risk trailing competitors. The Pulse Survey explored the longer-term impact of IaaS on experienced users. More than forty percent say IaaS has given them greater ability to innovate, while just over a quarter of recent IaaS adopters make a similar claim. The survey reveals the longer a business uses IaaS, the better equipped it is to implement new ways of working, and the more secure its enterprise architecture will be.

 More than forty percent say IaaS has given them greater ability to innovate. 

Migrating to IaaS, achieving success

Overall, the research sends out a strong message to organizations across EMEA: confidence in IaaS is increasing, businesses are flocking to migrate their workloads and applications to the cloud, and non-adopters will rapidly find themselves falling behind. And with automated migration tools making deployment even smoother, there’s only one question remaining—what’s holding you back?

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