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Popüler Sorular

A Comprehensive Cloud Based Platform Solution for all of your Data Integration Needs

Oracle Data Integration Platform (DIP) helps migrate and extract value from data by bringing together capabilities of a complete Data Integration, Data Quality and Data Governance solution into a single unified cloud based platform. Oracle DIP incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence powered features including automated data migration and data warehouse building, as well as machine assisted data profiling and governance, allowing customers to service all their data integration needs in one cohesive platform, so that all users can now transition and collaborate across these capabilities and projects seamlessly.

Single Open Platform

Single, Open Platform

Integrated, powerful data driven solution to fulfill your business needs for real-time data replication, data transformation, data quality, and data governance. Runs on Oracle Cloud or on-premises.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Comprehensive Capabilities

Provides broad data integration capabilities for replicating mission critical data, profiling, enriching, transforming, cleansing, and matching for all your data needs, including for analytics and business solutions.

Intuitive Enhanced UX

Intuitive Enhanced UX

Optimized user experience delivers value quickly, simplifying data tasks providing self-service for IT and Business users.

Product Features

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Unified Platform for Data Integration

    Pre-Built Integration

  • Easily integrate within Data Integration Platform with pre-built integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, 3rd party sources, SaaS applications, and other data sources.
  • One Platform Fulfilling all Data Requirements

  • Work on all your data integration requirements - data transformation, integration, streaming, replication and governance - through a unified, powerful, and robust data integration platform.
  • Easy to Provision and Use

  • Simplify provisioning, managing and administering through a central provisioning User Interface.

Heterogeneous Integration

    Integrate Anywhere - Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid

  • Enable Data Integration across Oracle or third party cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.
  • Integration with Services and Solutions

  • Service data requirements for analytics, data lakes, streaming and real-time solutions.
  • Best in Class Data Warehousing and Workload Offloading

  • Exploit industry leading push down Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) methodology to offload heavy data workloads onto the cloud.
  • Data Streaming

  • Process and analyze large scale real-time information by using sophisticated correlation patterns, enrichment, and Machine Learning.

Zero Downtime Data Migration and Pushdown E-LT/ETL

    Reduce Outages and Minimize Downtime

  • Achieve zero downtime while migrating your data to cloud using the best replication technology & big data integration.
  • Industry Leading Pushdown E-LT/ETL

  • Execute high-performance data transformations where the data lies with less data movement, optimized for the cloud and big data.

Data Governance for Improved Trust in Data

    Collaborative Data Governance

  • Achieve maximum value from your business-critical applications by delivering fit-for-purpose data. Enable individuals and collaborative teams to quickly and easily identify and resolve any problems in the underlying data .
  • Deliver Trusted Data

  • Deliver your critical data after transforming, cleansing, profiling, and matching in a format of your choice.