Adenza expands AxiomSL Risk Analytics with Oracle Cloud

The risk analytics software firm moves data management to Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


The ability to quickly adapt to changing regulatory requirements is critical to our clients. With Oracle Autonomous Database running on OCI, our customers have access to a single, converged database service that reduces risk, improves performance, and removes a significant amount of labor from managing cloud-scale data.

Vladimir EtkinChief Technology Officer, Adenza

Business challenges

Adenza’s AxiomSL business unit is a global provider of data and risk analytics software for regulatory reporting in the financial services industry. Founded in 1991, the New York City-based business has a client base that represents $45 trillion in total assets and includes 80% of global systemically important banks (G-SIBs), and its software delivers more than 5,000 risk and regulatory reports across 50 jurisdictions and 110 regulators. Adenza was created through the combination of AxiomSL and Calypso September 1, 2021.

For AxiomSL’s banking customers, adapting to the industry’s changing regulatory mandates is critical, even as data inputs have increased by more than 300% in the last 10 years. The company wanted a multicloud option, offering a data management approach compatible with its on-premises Oracle Database environment, and that could deliver performance, scalability, and security. 

The autoscaling and autotuning machine learning capabilities from Oracle Autonomous Database, combined with Oracle sales and support resources, has helped shift our focus from maintenance to more valuable development for growth.

Alwin StephenVP Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture, Adenza

Why Adenza Chose Oracle

Many of Adenza’s clients run Oracle Database on-premises and are familiar with the security, regulatory compliance, and data lineage capabilities.

Using Oracle Autonomous Database running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) enabled Adenza to easily migrate its AxiomSL customers from on-premises Oracle Database deployments to Adenza’s AxiomSL RegCloud SaaS for high performance and availability with less administration and risk.

Data privacy and security were also top of mind for Adenza in selecting Oracle Autonomous Database to help ensure that its customers meet global regulatory mandates. Oracle Autonomous Database encrypts sensitive and regulated data, patches databases for security vulnerabilities, and helps prevent unauthorized access, providing security at every level of the stack.


Offering Adenza’s AxiomSL RegCloud SaaS offering via Oracle Autonomous Database on OCI gives flexibility to customers who have deployed Oracle Database on-premises or have chosen Oracle Database for cloud services. In a multicloud environment, RegCloud runs the risk and regulatory applications on AWS while customers store and manage their data on Oracle Autonomous Database and access the application via OCI’s FastConnect.

Using Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse will help ensure Adenza’s critical infrastructure can support both transactional processing and analytical workloads with high performance and availability.

Autoscaling in the autonomous cloud database adds capacity in seconds instead of hours, and does so without downtime. Plus, programmable dynamic scaling provides more elasticity, which is critical to support peak performance for fiscal reporting time periods, and then scale down when idle, so that Adenza only pays for infrastructure used. This powerful elasticity capability enables Adenza to react to opportunities faster, with the flexibility to onboard any new customer of any size with confidence.

Additionally, autotuning in Autonomous Database reduced Adenza AxiomSL batch queries on-premises from 12 hours to minutes and complex queries in the cloud from hours to minutes, with significantly faster performance even on queries with more than 160 million rows of data. The machine learning automations eliminate most database maintenance activities, letting teams focus on more strategic app development and innovation.

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