DIRECTV Colombia ensures service efficiency with Oracle Field Service Cloud Service

DIRECTV Colombia streamlined On-site customer visit scheduling and routing, cut costs, and increased productivity with Oracle.

DIRECTV Colombia is one of the largest satellite television and radio service providers in Colombia. It is part of Vrio Group, which is a subsidiary of AT&T in Latin America that has more than 13.6 million subscribers in 11 countries within the region.

DIRECTV Colombia was looking for a technology solution to replace the error-prone, manual management of on-site customer visits, provided by 800 third-party technicians. The company also wanted to enhance its visit scheduling procedures, while optimizing resources and increasing customer satisfaction.


Oracle Field Service Cloud Service provided us with the right tools to leave inefficient spreadsheets behind and automate on-site customer visit scheduling and management procedures. We now measure technicians’ activities in real time, which has helped us cut costs and drop response times while increasing customer satisfaction.

Elizabeth Martínez NataleProject Implementation Manager, DIRECTV Colombia

Business challenges

  • Adopt automated tools to improve management of third-party technicians assigned for on-site customer visits—managers used laborious, error-prone spreadsheets
  • Modernize technician visit routing to optimize resources and reduce customer response times
  • Reduce the volume of calls into customer service due to failures on service provided

Why DIRECTV Colombia Chose Oracle

“Our headquarters in the US chose Oracle because of the great benefits offered by Oracle Cloud. It is a great advantage to be able to standardize tools and improve our customer service across Latin America. Here in Colombia, we had great support from Oracle at deployment and are realizing fantastic results with the product.”
—Elizabeth Martínez Natale, Project Implementation Manager, DIRECTV Colombia


  • The deployment process took four months. DIRECTV Colombia decided to resume with final adjustments after the World Cup, a big TV event in Colombia.
  • “Despite the fear that the solution would not be implemented in time for the World Cup 2018, we trusted the Oracle team and started the process in February. By June, we only had a little bit left and were able to provide great service to our soccer fan customers during the tournament,” stated Natale.
  • Deployed Oracle Field Service Cloud Service and transformed on-site customer visit management—the entire process of assigning technicians and routing the visits is now automated and much more efficient
  • Increased on-site customer visits productivity by 15%, which also generated cost savings, as now the job of 800 third-party technicians who visit customers across the country has been optimized based on performance patterns—they cover larger areas in less time
  • Streamlined on-site visit scheduling and routing processes by eliminating the use of error-prone spreadsheets and replacing them with a modern technology solution, Oracle Field Service Cloud Service, which measures in real time how long it takes for employees to complete jobs and travel between sites
  • Decreased the volume of customers that unsubscribed to TV or internet services in the time between subscription and equipment installation because shorter response times enable more accurate service predictions
  • Enabled the parent group to implement the same efficient solution in other Latin American countries, which will standardize scheduling and routing procedures and facilitate management across the board
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