Sankhya gives clients 99.7% uptime for critical ERP systems on Oracle Cloud

ERP vendor expands its customer base by 60% and accelerates troubleshooting 5X, thanks to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s scalability and observability.


Oracle Cloud brings us predictable costs, product stability, and outstanding scalability, all paramount factors for our exponential growth.

Charles FonsecaIT Manager, Sankhya Gestão de Negócios

Business challenges

Sankhya Gestão de Negócios is one of the largest providers of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in Brazil. The company has 14,000 customers across Brazil and operates 45 business units with more than 2,000 employees.

Along with ERP, Sankhya developed an Enterprise Intelligence Platform to connect not only corporate sectors but business users through artificial intelligence links to information from different devices, areas, processes, and knowledgebases. This helps companies improve their decision-making in day-to-day operations.

With more than 30 years in business, Sankhya offers a hybrid choice of multicloud and on-premises deployments to its clients. The company originally used AWS to host its customers’ ERP systems, but ultimately found AWS lacking in scalability and performance. When Oracle opened cloud data centers in Brazil, Sankhya switched to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

As we grow, we are migrating everything—development, production, and all the other clouds we use—into a single place, with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as the unified management structure.

Charles FonsecaIT Manager, Sankhya Gestão de Negócios

Why Sankhya Gestão de Negócios chose Oracle

After the São Paulo and Vinhedo Oracle Cloud data centers opened, Sankhya switched 2,000 internal users and all its cloud clients to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Enterprise Database Service to achieve gains in scalability and availability, obtain a predictable pricing structure, and take advantage of Oracle’s local support.


Sankhya ran its own workloads and the workloads of customers’ ERP systems on the highly available and scalable Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It favored OCI over operating applications on-premises because of the reduced costs and effort.

By passing along OCI’s consumption-based pricing model to its customers, Sankhya removed the need for companies to invest in hardware or manage any tasks other than running their core business processes.

Orchestrated under Oracle Enterprise Manager, the toolsets inside Oracle Cloud Observability and Oracle Database Management collectively provide a single view into monitoring and tuning applications and databases. Oracle Enterprise Manager, the first complete cloud and on-premises lifecycle management solution, has led to a fivefold acceleration in troubleshooting. Database performance bottlenecks that previously took a week to resolve are now identified and resolved within one day through Enterprise Manager’s automated diagnostics and tuning capabilities.

Also as a result of deploying on OCI, Sankhya offers its customers 99.7% uptime for their critical ERP systems by deploying the full range of monitoring and management tools available through OCI. In addition, the company’s sales force is on track to increase the cloud customer base by 60% or more, raising the number of customers accessing their enterprise data through the Oracle Cloud region in São Paulo from 160 to more than 250. Sankhya forecasts a positive return on its Oracle Cloud investment within 18 to 24 months.

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