Vopak automates the purchase-to-pay process with Oracle

Vopak Terminals Australia, part of the Asia and Middle East terminal network of Royal Vopak, implements Oracle Cloud ERP.


What I have in Oracle today is a miracle, it’s magic. I don’t have to worry about bad surprises at year’s end anymore.

KP AldridgeFinance Director, Vopak Terminals Australia

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Business challenges

The company operates two terminals in Sydney and one in Darwin, Australia. The company is also adding 105,000 m3 of storage at its terminal in Sydney to cater to demand for clean petroleum products and aviation fuels.

Historically, the Australian entities used JD Edwards software to manage enterprise planning. This software became outdated and inflexible, prompting users to implement workarounds that created inconsistencies, oversight gaps, and control lapses.

“Whether those control lapses were in procurement or reporting or even the way we input journals or track purchase orders, it was a completely manually controlled system,” says KP Aldridge, finance director for Vopak Australia.

With Oracle Cloud ERP, we can now redeploy our bandwidth to more meaningful work, rather than reconciling reams of Excel spreadsheets.

KP AldridgeFinance Director, Vopak Terminals

Why Vopak Terminals Australia Chose Oracle

Oracle was able to guarantee localization in its implementation. Given the different country locations, this was an important factor in the decision to go with Oracle Cloud for the company’s digital transformation.


The company made the strategic decision to purchase the Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which allowed the company to automate its purchase-to-pay processes. Standardized and consistent processes have replaced old ways of working.

Vopak Terminals Australia was one of the first in the Asia Middle East Division to implement the new solution. “We had lists and lists in Excel of open Pos that we had to match manually to what had been fulfilled and paid, and it was a chore every month,” says Adridge. “The automation of so many manual processes led to 40% increased productivity of our workforce.”

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