Oracle Marketing Consulting helps Xfinity empower customers

Oracle Marketing Consulting creates multiversion campaign to promote the benefits of Xfinity Flex, resulting in increased engagement and awareness.


Testing into our creative and messaging approach gave us just the type of learnings we needed to launch this exciting new product on the right foot and keep up on the momentum. Learnings from this test impacted our strategy and opened the door to so many additional tests.

Elizabeth (Betty) MatteiSenior Manager, Brand and Lifecycle Marketing, Comcast

Business challenges

Xfinity, a telephone, TV, and internet subsidiary of Comcast, wanted to promote its new Xfinity Flex free streaming service to its existing internet customers.  

Why Xfinity chose Oracle

Xfinity chose Oracle Marketing Consulting because of the strong existing relationship between Xfinity and Oracle, the simple, modular email architecture Oracle Marketing Consulting provides, and Oracle’s creative leadership.


Oracle Marketing Consulting and Comcast’s Xfinity teams developed a campaign that lifted customer engagement between 23% and 39% across different segments. The campaign was designed to educate existing customers about the benefits of Flex, Xfinity’s personalized dashboard for launching video streaming apps.

Using bright, attention-grabbing colors, large images, and engaging copy, the teams designed three creative versions catered to three different customer personas—the Streamer, the Skeptic, and the Service-Oriented—to determine the most engaging messaging for Flex. The Skeptic creative resulted in a particularly strong improvement in engagement among customer segments.

Yayınlanma tarihi:September 16, 2021