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Oracle Audiences

Reach your most relevant buyers with the highest propensity to buy your products or services. Oracle Audiences has built and acquired the most accurate audience datasets, constantly curated to ensure relevancy and scale, so you can deliver effective global advertising campaigns and increase customer acquisitions. Our privacy-centric approach has security and compliance at its core, while deploying these audience segments throughout the digital ecosystem, reaching relevant viewers wherever else they choose to engage online.

Reach the right people on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Discover the content categorizations related to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Target this content and those who are in the active planning and shopping mindset.

Reach the people who matter most this holiday season

Find the right purchase-based audience this holiday season, in addition to those who are in the active planning and shopping mindset.

Oracle Audiences features

Oracle Audiences

Oracle Proprietary Audiences

Oracle Proprietary Audiences combines audiences sourced from offline, verified data spanning automotive, consumer packaged goods, and retail verticals with data sourced from online behavioral habits.

Premier Branded Audiences

To ensure advertisers have access to the full gamut of data signals available online, our Premier Branded Audiences source the highest quality, most trusted, and privacy-centric third-party audiences available. Our partnerships span more than 75 providers, plus a select group of 18 premier data providers.

Audiences by Oracle

Audiences by Oracle curate the best signals from within Oracle's own datasets and those sourced from third-party providers to deliver increased quality and scale, diverse signals, and simplified buying and cost structures.

Oracle ID Graph and audience modeling

Delivering a unified view

Underpinning Oracle's audience data and modeling is our proprietary identity graph, which helps you unify disparate data sources, reach intended buyers, connect available identifiers, and attribute sales and conversions.

Modeling backed by data science

We use sophisticated modeling to deliver audiences that drive customer acquisition. The modeled audiences are built on Oracle's strong datasets to deliver scale, reach, and precision, ensuring that you’re reaching the most relevant buyers.

Verticals and use cases

Data spanning a diverse set of verticals

Our data signals are collected from an expansive set of worldwide industry verticals. These verticals include automotive, entertainment, B2B, retail, consumer goods, finance, telecommunications, ecommerce, and more.

Audience solutions to suit your need

Tailor your campaign to suit your specific needs, with audiences built from a variety of data sources, including purchases, credit card transactions, demographic data, lifestyle and interests, TV viewership, and more. Custom audience segments are also available.

Activate audiences across multiple formats

Through our vast industry integrations and partnerships, you can activate Oracle Audiences across desktop, mobile, social, audio, and connected TV in multiple geographies.

La-Z-Boy logo

How Oracle Data Cloud helps La-Z-Boy understand their customers’ needs on a deeper level

From identifying the types of customers who are most interested in La-Z-Boy’s products to understanding when buyers are in-market for furniture, Oracle Data Cloud helps La-Z-Boy grow their brand.

Oracle Audiences key benefits

  • Increase awareness and efficiency

    Increase brand awareness and campaign efficiency through purchase-based audiences.

    One company tells their story (PDF)

  • Drive conversions and campaign success

    Bring precision and accuracy to your campaign so you can zero in on relevant buyers and convert them into customers.

    One company shares their results (PDF)

  • Maximize leads with in-market audiences

    With Oracle’s in-market audiences ensure ads reach high-value prospects—reducing cost-per-lead and increasing click-through rates.

    See one company’s results (PDF)


Oracle collaborates with The Trade Desk to usher in new approach to identity

Mollie Spillman, SVP and CRO, Oracle Advertising

Oracle has teamed up with The Trade Desk and others to participate in Unified ID 2.0—a non-commercial, soon-to-be open source, interoperable framework that offers marketers a new approach to identity, while preserving the value exchange of advertising and respecting the privacy and protection of consumers.

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