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Oracle OnRamp

Improve advertising effectiveness with an automated, self-serve data enrichment and onboarding solution embedded in the Oracle Advertising platform. Segment the offline users in your CRM database and then securely upload the data files containing personally identifiable information (PII). Oracle OnRamp will match these users, and then classify their attributes into new categories in your private taxonomy. You can then activate this offline data across multiple media execution platforms for targeting, analysis, modeling, and optimization.

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Oracle OnRamp overview

Get the most value out of your first-party customer data from a single onboarding platform.

Explore Oracle OnRamp

Oracle OnRamp provides an automated, self-service data enrichment and onboarding solution that’s embedded in the Oracle CX data platform. With it, you can easily segment the users in your CRM data, and securely upload first-party data, including personally identifiable information (PII).

Flexible onboarding and file upload

A self-service API simplifies data onboarding via the Oracle DMP or OnRamp, or with the support of Oracle’s account teams for managed OnRamp service. Upload files within the Oracle Advertising platform or API, or drop into an internal SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Resolve disparate identities

Deliver streamlined experiences using Oracle Identity Graph. The tool takes onboarded, offline data and matches it one-to-one to an online user from cookies where available, mobile advertising IDs, and registrations.

The resulting identity graph contains more linkages and data sets than any other solution. It uses best-in-class data science, including Oracle’s own PII-based identity spine.

Extensive integrations

Oracle OnRamp achieves up to 95% data deliverability into the top adtech and martech destinations, and you can find onboarded data for analysis, modeling, segmentation, insights, and delivery to downstream partners for activation.

Effective advertising and marketing through data enrichment

Enrich your customer profiles with a comprehensive set of consumer attributes, characteristics, and demographics to add depth and breadth to your first-party data. Better understand what types of content and experiences would resonate with your customers. Build customer segments based on these attributes or find additional, similar customers who are also likely to be interested in your products.

Key benefits—data enrichment and onboarding

Self-serve onboarding

Upload your offline files on demand and include new values to capture new data and customize your taxonomy. OnRamp dashboards provide you with near real-time visibility into the match rate and number of users onboarded by segment as your data inventory starts to ramp.

Maximum match rates

Activate more of your customer base with cross-device scale featuring:

  • 580 million cookies tied to 125 million people.
  • 480 million mobile app IDs (MAIDs) tied to 110 million people
  • 650 million emails tied to 180 million people
  • Up to hundreds of millions of users matched to major social platforms

Rapid onboard process via automated workflow

Use a quick and automated workflow that reduces the offline onboarding process. The OnRamp integration with Oracle Advertising eliminates the need to work across multiple platforms and teams to onboard your data.

Improve the richness of your data to boost advertising and marketing effectiveness

Better understand your customers by adding demographic data to their profiles, along with information about their buying behavior and other helpful clues about their lifestyle or identity.

Learn more about Oracle's data enrichment capabilities

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