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Know your customers and predict their needs

Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your customer data with a customer data platform. Download the newest Forrester report to see how CDPs can help you achieve desired outcomes by making sense of siloed, complex data.

Know your customers and predict their needs

Unify all your data to connect more deeply with customers

01Single customer view

Capture all interactions to create complete customer profiles that provide insights into their preferences and pain points.

02Deliver the next-best action

Know which content and offers will propel prospects through the buyer’s journey and build customer loyalty.

03Personalize experiences

Deliver messaging in the moment that resonates on the channels and mediums customers prefer.

04Connected customer data

Connect with customers by using all your data to create relevant campaigns, improve customer service interactions, and boost ROI.

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform interactive demo

See Oracle’s customer data platform in action as it connects data from different sources into single customer profile views, provides insights into personalization, and makes recommendations that add value to your customer experiences.

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform Interactive Demo

Create connected experiences

CDP vs. DMP vs. CRM

Learn how these three tools differ and how they can work together to improve CX.

What is a customer data platform?

Watch this short video to learn more about how CDPs can benefit your organization.

Bring adtech and martech together

See how Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform creates seamless experiences across all customer touchpoints.