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B2B Sales, B2B Service, and loyalty experiences

In 2020, we said goodbye to predictability. To thrive, companies must offer a seamless, end-to-end customer experience (CX), and we've introduced innovations to help. Oracle CX can power next-generation B2B selling and service experiences, provide advanced intelligence for B2B marketing, and support enhanced loyalty marketing and customer engagement. Watch Oracle Executive VP Rob Tarkoff give the highlights in our latest innovation update.

See the most recent innovations for Advertising and CX.

What’s new in Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX)

Explore the newest innovations for Oracle Advertising and CX that help you unify data and processes across sales, service, and marketing. Our new B2B selling experience helps your sellers sell better. The new B2B service experience makes it easier to improve agent productivity, onboarding, and customer self-service. Engage and retain your most loyal customers with the latest innovations for Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement.

Oracle Sales innovations—A new B2B selling experience

Give your sellers the tools they need to actually sell more. We are reimagining the B2B seller experience to move beyond a CRM system of record to create experiences that solve customer problems and offer a user experience that adapts to seller needs. The next generation of sales automation allows you to talk to your CRM, streamline quoting, do more with less clicks, and accelerate deals. This set of innovations includes adaptive search within workspace, workspace infolets, favorites, and a new digital sales assistant within Oracle CX Sales Mobile. Explore below to get more details about each of these innovations.

Oracle Sales Innovations: New B2B Selling Experience

Do more with fewer clicks using an intelligent, actionable workspace

The workspace within Oracle Sales helps sellers discover and act on important information from a single access point. Adaptive search now brings line-item quote details from CPQ into workspace search results alongside relevant data from your CRM, CPQ, and ERP systems, keeping your sales teams focused on the right deals at the right time. New infolet and smart list features deliver a personalized, action-driven experience that helps sellers increase efficiency and close deals faster. Dive deeper to learn more about:

  • Adaptive search
  • Favorites
  • Workspace infolets

Improve productivity with a new mobile sales digital assistant

Oracle CX Sales Mobile now includes an embedded, AI-guided digital assistant to help you get more done, even when you’re away from your desk. With a hands-free, natural language user experience, you can talk to your CRM, access your data, and take action using the mobile app. Anything that you accessed on your workspace—including saved searches, favorites, and smart lists—are now available on your mobile device. Dive deeper to learn more about:

  • Digital Assistant
  • Global search across workspace and mobile

Oracle Service innovations—A new B2B service experience

The new B2B service experience extends the B2B selling experience by revolutionizing customer service with intelligent, automated solutions for your agents and customers. Stay on top of evolving customer expectations with a modernized user experience. With easily deployed, scalable digital customer service capabilities, you can automate simple inquiries and free your agents to focus on higher-value service engagements.

Improve agent productivity and customer self-service with rapid digital service automation, improved agent onboarding, faster case resolution, and a holistic view of accounts.

Oracle Service Innovations: New B2B Selling Experience

Rapidly deliver automated and accurate digital service experiences

Build stronger relationships with your B2B customers by offering automated, consistent customer service experiences. Prebuilt, native integrations connect our industry-leading digital service products to reduce downtime and lower the total cost of ownership. Oracle Digital Assistant, Knowledge Management, and Intelligent Advisor are now easier to implement so you can rapidly respond to the digital service demands of your customers. In a matter of weeks, you can launch a fully automated customer service experience that includes an AI-powered digital assistant, intelligent advice, and robust knowledge management solutions.

  • New native integrations
  • Digital assistant skills
  • Automated case routing

Reimagine service with conversational, guided agent experiences

To simplify agent onboarding and improve productivity, agents will instantly have access to all tools and account information within one, intuitive interface. Proactively generated recommendations and guided actions assist agents so they can resolve customer issues faster. A new conversational feed presents agents with critical details, such as the customer’s last interaction, and give agents full visibility into an account’s history. The reimagined agent console consolidates CRM and back-office interactions into one ongoing, searchable, and scrollable thread to provide a single point of contact into the entire organization—essentially giving the agent the ability to solve a customer’s problems without having to transfer them to another department.

  • Service agent onboarding
  • New agent user experience
  • Back-office integrations

Oracle Marketing innovations—Loyalty and engagement

Deliver experiences tailored to your customers’ online behavior in real time, taking them from anonymous potential customer to loyal advocate. Turn data into real-time intelligence that supports relevant and personalized experiences at the point that matters most within the customer’s journey.

Use the power of AI and machine learning to deliver real-time, intelligent experiences that engage customers at the right time—every time. Advanced intelligence in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation helps you increase customer engagement to minimize opt-outs and burnout. New loyalty innovations in Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement help marketers engage and retain customers with more personalized offers and in-the-moment experiences.

Oracle Marketing Innovations: Loyalty and Customer Engagement

Offer real-time intelligent experiences at scale

Continuously innovate to effectively engage with your customers by delivering intelligent experiences at scale, consistent across all channels. Use real-time behavior intelligence to provide personalized experiences for your website and app visitors. Recommend the next-best offer using AI and machine learning to improve campaigns. Add personalized recommendations for products, content, and offers in your marketing emails and get advanced intelligence within Eloqua to improve open rates and prevent burnout.

  • Infinity Behavioral Intelligence
  • Next-best offer
  • Email product recommendations
  • Eloqua Advanced Intelligence

Integrated customer loyalty and marketing

Extend customer relationships beyond the initial transaction with personalized interactions that foster customer loyalty. Build and strengthen emotional connections with your customers and cultivate brand advocates with robust, built-in loyalty tools. Now you can use customer preference and poll/survey data to create unified profiles to better personalize offers, content, and campaigns. New capabilities allow you to extend loyalty programs with partner offers and broaden engagement by allowing consumers to pool points with households.

  • Oracle CrowdTwist and Oracle Unity integration
  • Households
  • CrowdTwist and Oracle Responsys integration
  • Partner management

Advertising and CX demo library

See how you can deliver better customer experiences by unifying data and processes across sales, service, marketing, and loyalty. Oracle’s new B2B selling and customer service experiences show how continuous innovation gives CX leaders the tools they need to succeed.

New B2B Selling Experience

New B2B selling experience (7:18)

View a demo of the new B2B selling experience within Oracle Sales to learn how you can empower you sales force to sell better.

New B2B Service Experience

New B2B service experience (4:40)

See how the new B2B service experience can improve agent onboarding, productivity and customer self-service through AI and automation.

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