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Provide appealing experiences to candidates and efficient tools to recruiters. Oracle Recruiting, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), is a complete and unified solution that helps teams attract and hire the right talent.

Discover Oracle Recruiting in this product tour.

Explore Oracle Recruiting

Candidate attraction

Personalized career sites

Use built-in design tools to create branded career sites and tailored content for candidates.

Easy application process

Accelerate hiring by allowing applicants to get started with just an email or phone number—no account creation needed.

Guided candidate experiences

Provide talent with application support and quick answers to questions with a digital assistant that gets smarter over time.

Mobile and SMS tools

Deliver mobile experiences to candidates and support SMS interactions.

Opportunity marketplace

Drive career mobility by providing internal employees with one, personalized source for jobs and temporary gigs.

Candidate engagement

Candidate recommendations

Move fast and minimize hiring bias by using AI to find the best prospects and applicants for open positions.

Native CRM tools

Easily manage talent pools and interact with candidates to build strong relationships and pipelines.

Internal talent awareness

See who the best talent is within your organization by using a solution that automatically evaluates employees as candidates.

Hiring campaign creation

Tackle both high-volume and traditional hiring with email and social campaigns to strengthen outreach and drive more applications.

Talent communities

Learn more about candidates by allowing them to join groups aligned with their interests.


Interview self-scheduling

Allow candidates to schedule their own interviews, removing the task from hiring teams.

Automation tools

Improve productivity by leveraging tools to automate job postings, candidate communication, screening, interviews, and offers.

Personalized user experiences

Help recruiters and hiring managers focus on what matters by tailoring the solution to their most important tasks.

Streamlined recruiting processes

Leverage templates and data from past roles to create new requisitions and offers, speeding up the process.

Dynamic workflows

Automatically convert candidates into new hires and move employees to new roles based on your requirements.


Personalized tasks

Tailor onboarding activities to specific departments, roles, employment types, and more.

Pre-onboarding options

Make new hires feel welcomed and allow them to get a sense of the team and culture they'll be joining before day one.

Seamless onboarding experience

Easily tie all HCM tasks into onboarding with one solution that's connected across the business.


Provide employees with step-by-step guidance to understand when and how to finish tasks, making onboarding fast and easy.

Recruitment analytics and reporting

Real-time data

Visualize hiring KPIs and share reports with leaders from across the organization to strengthen decision making and collaboration.

Predictive metrics

Accurately estimate the time it takes to fill a role by using AI to analyze candidate pools and past hiring speed.

Workforce insight

Learn more about the experience, skills, and aspirations of employees with access to talent data covering all stages of employment.

Full business visibility

Make smarter decisions by understanding recruiting’s impact on the rest of the business—HR, finance, customer experience (CX), and more.


One unified suite

Reduce integration headaches and deliver consistent experiences to teams with a solution that’s natively part of Oracle Cloud HCM.

Global network of partners

Enhance the hiring process with access to a certified ecosystem of tools, supported and maintained for Oracle Recruiting.

LinkedIn integrations

Find talent and drive efficiency by importing LinkedIn profiles, leveraging LinkedIn-based candidate recommendations, and more.

Considering moving to Oracle Recruiting from Taleo?

View all customer successes

Oracle Recruiting customer successes

Discover how a wide variety of our customers use Oracle Recruiting in their business.

National Instruments
Yum Brands
true blue

TrueBlue enhances and automates recruiting with Oracle Recruiting

Recruiting benefits

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Considering moving from Taleo?

Discover how easy transitioning to Oracle Recruiting, part of Oracle Cloud HCM, can be with help from Oracle Consulting experts.


What's unique in Oracle Recruiting?

Learn from Oracle product experts what makes Oracle Recruiting Cloud (part of Oracle Cloud HCM) unique and different in the market.


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