Product Tour—Oracle Workforce Scheduling

Oracle Workforce Scheduling and Oracle Workforce Labor Optimization

Oracle Workforce Scheduling and Oracle Workforce Labor Optimization skillfully balances patient needs, compliance, and the employee experience by connecting business data in one native cloud scheduling solution.

Leverage intelligent scheduling

Plan and manage schedules to meet demand, FTE hours, labor budget, and skills needs in 15-, 30-, or 60-minute increments.

Optimize your healthcare resources using AI

Reduce labor costs and remain compliant using an AI scheduling assistant that has the most complete picture of your patients’ needs and your frontline workers’ skills and preferences.

Adhere to complex healthcare rules and regulations

Stay compliant with labor laws and union regulations, such as minimum and maximum hours, fatigue management, seniority fairness, and certification requirements.

Give clinical workers the flexibility and predictability they’re looking for

Give clinical workers the autonomy to self-schedule, pick up extra hours, release hours, or swap shifts with a qualified coworker. Let workers specify their preferred times to work and locations to inform labor scheduling.

Deliver an engaging employee experience

Reduce burnout by sharing employee sentiment, scheduling preferences, and availability with managers so they can take it into account when assigning shifts.

Improve productivity and communication with a single user experience

Provide employees with access to all they need to manage their schedules in one place with one user experience across all devices, including the Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM app.

Help managers quickly and accurately fill open shifts

Make changes easily with drag-and-drop scheduling and visibility into variances for FTE hours, budgeted hours, and demand.

Reduce the burden on managers to ensure coverage by presenting best-fit workers and incentives to fill open shifts.

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