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5G Core Network

Deploy trusted, cloud native 5G technology from the network through B/OSS applications. Take advantage of 5G core automation to bring new services to market faster. Use converged policy and charging to capitalize on network slicing and new business models.

Oracle survey finds enterprises seek easier path to IoT adoption.

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DISH Wireless taps Oracle for cloud native 5G core in greenfield network buildout
KT Corp selects Oracle for 5G policy management after strong performance testing results
ORS uses Oracle to monetize new B2B and future 5G services

Apply the scale, performance, security, and economics of the cloud to 5G

Launch services faster with a cloud native 5G core

Design a scalable network core for exponential growth in 5G use cases. Automate testing of network functions, independent of underlying network frameworks, to speed up integration.

Explore Oracle Communications 5G Cloud Native Core

Manage multiple network generations under unified policy management

Optimize network and subscriber resources in real time with policies supporting new service offerings—while at the same time maintaining seamless interworking between 4G and 5G.

Explore Oracle Communications Cloud Native Core Converged Policy

Deploy 5G converged charging at scale

Charge for 5G services in real time with cloud native online and offline charging. Meet the needs of any service, segment, or payment model.

Explore Oracle Converged Charging System

Expert support for your implementation and systems integration

Deploy new solutions quickly with minimal cost and risk. Consult our network operations and BSS/OSS experts to help you implement, integrate, configure, and operate your on-premises and cloud applications.

Explore Oracle Communications Consulting - network
Explore Oracle Communications Consulting - applications

“While many carriers may claim to have 5G, there are certain attributes only possible with a cloud-based standalone network, and our working with Oracle will yield results that will unleash the power of true, fully-optimized 5G.”

Marc Rouanne

Chief Network Officer, DISH Wireless

5G Networks are blazing fast. Charging needs to keep up.

Jason Rutherford, Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications, Applications

5G will help service providers get new products out faster for both consumer and enterprise customers. Service providers won’t be able to get the full revenue benefits of innovation, however, without charging systems—the software that handles how much to charge customers for service—that can keep up with 5G speeds. Service providers require modern converged charging systems—such as Oracle’s 5G-ready Converged Charging System.

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Cloud learning

Benchmark: Hyperscale converged charging performance

In a recent performance test for 50 million subscribers, Oracle’s cloud native Converged Charging System supported charging operations with single-digit latency, efficient resource utilization, and linear scalability.

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Omdia analyst report: converged policy in 5G

Learn why a cloud native, converged policy solution delivers seamless interworking and a smooth migration between 4G and 5G.

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Building the perfect 5G network

Hear industry experts from Analysys Mason, BT, Telenor, and Oracle discuss the benefits of cloud native standalone 5G networks.

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