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News and Opinion

Oracle, buildingSMART Reveal 2020’s Top BIM Trends


Oracle’s Senior Director, Product Management Frank Weiss and buildingSMART International’s Leon van Berlo discuss industry collaborations for BIM in a Construction Week Online article. Building information modelling (BIM) has experienced a renaissance in 2019. Not that as a methodology it was outdated, but the interpretations and discussions around it have evolved over the last year.

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BIM Made Great Strides in 2019, Where is it Heading in 2020


Specialist BIM publication, BIM+ features a byline article about BIM and what to expect from the methodology in 2020 co-authored by Leon van Berlo from buildingSMART International and Frank Weiss, Oracle’s senior director, product management.

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Construction Technology, Connectivity is Key


International Construction interviews Burcin Kaplanoglu, Oracle’s executive director, innovation officer, in an article which discusses the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab, construction technology predictions, and the value of 5G for construction.

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Visit Your Construction Tomorrow, Today


The February issue of Construction Global covers how the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab is encouraging collaboration and providing the gateway to an ecosystem that can support the plan, build, and operate stages of the project lifecycle.

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Cloud Connections


Big Project magazine interviewed Sherief Elabd following his presentation at Oracle Open World in Dubai. The resulting article explores the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab, our focus on growing a global partner ecosystem and expanding the Lab into other regions, and how Oracle Construction and Engineering is poised to serve the Middle East market.

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“Low-Hanging Watermelons”: Oracle’s Take on How AI Will Change Construction


Global Construction Review quotes Karthik Venkatasubramanian, Oracle’s vice president for data science, analytics and strategy in an article detailing how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are set to play a growing role in construction projects. Venkatasubramanian says AI should be used to do what machines do well and humans not so much – which boils down to analyzing, comparing or otherwise processing datasets. This is, he says, where the greatest returns are to be found, along with the significant cost savings on any given project.

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Technology Will Transform the Industry in 2020


Construction News features the Oracle Construction and Engineering 2020 predictions article attributed to Burcin Kaplanoglu, executive director of innovation, Oracle Construction and Engineering. The piece looks at AI/ML, 5G, BIM, and payments management solutions.

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Telematics: Building a Construction Ecosystem


International Construction quotes Burcin Kaplanoglu, executive director of innovation, Oracle Construction and Engineering, discussing the growing emphasis on using data for the greater good in construction. “A lot of this will be driven by a recognition of the benefit of data that can be captured and analyzed,” he says. “Construction businesses at the cutting edge will be demanding greater transparency, knowledge, and collaboration of the construction process to have more control."

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Will Simulated Work-Sites Drive Digital Transformation in the AEC Industry?


Sherief Elabd, Oracle’s director at Industry Strategy & Innovation Construction and Engineering was interviewed by ME Construction Magazine at Oracle Open World Dubai. Elabd discussed Oracle’s role in empowering new technologies and strategies to boost digital transformation in the AEC industry through its flagship Innovation Lab. Elabd says, “[W]e wanted to make sure that the Lab is being built using the latest technologies in construction and that it is sustainable. It’s going to be equipped with 5G network and will be AI (artificial intelligence)-enabled, so it will be a smart Innovation Lab.”

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Transforming the Way Contractors Interact


Modern Contractor Solutions Magazine features Andy Verone, Oracle’s global vice president, industry strategy and innovation, in their monthly Technology Trends column. In the article titled ‘Transforming The Way Contractors Interact’, Verone says, “[t]he proliferation and adoption of technology across the construction landscape continue apace as builders seek better and smarter ways of working, both on and off the jobsite. Using technology to improve productivity, safety, and quality, and to unlock actionable project intelligence, is becoming central to the strategies of leading contractors.”

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Reimagining BIM: It's About Delivery and Data—Not Just Design


Construction Executive recently published a contributed article from Frank Weiss, Oracle’s senior director, product management. The article explains how BIM can function at the center of a broader project delivery methodology centered around collaboration and data management to unlock greater levels of visibility and efficiency across design, delivery, and maintenance activities.

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Oracle Expands Innovation Lab to Advance Industries


Modern Contractor Solutions Magazine covers the recent Oracle Industries Innovation Lab expansion, stating that the Lab moving forward will also feature simulated environments, including Oracle’s Utility and Communication solutions.

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Fostering Innovation


Oracle Construction and Engineering’s Sherief Elabd, director of industry, strategy and innovation was recognized in an article by Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine for his contributions at a Middle East Roundtable which explored how different enterprises approach innovation internally.

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Welcome to the Construction Site of the Future


Burcin Kaplanoglu, executive director, innovation officer for Oracle Construction and Engineering spoke with Built In Chicago for a lengthy feature about the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab, including successes to date and expansion plans.

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Innovating Construction at Oracle


Burcin Kaplanoglu, executive director, innovation officer for Oracle Construction and Engineering spoke with Contractor Magazine where they published an article about the recent developments of the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab.

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Oracle Expands Innovation Lab to Introduce API Gateway, Logging & Kafka Compatibility


Mike Sicilia, Oracle Senior Vice President of Global Business Units, tells Toolbox that by using Oracle Cloud Native Services, the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab technology allows customers to explore and test new solutions in a simulated worksite environment.

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Oracle Expands Innovation Lab for Construction, Communications, and Utility Companies


TMCNet covered the expansion of Oracle’s Industries Innovation lab that is empowering customers to apply new technology and hands on work to their construction projects.

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Oracle Expands its Chicago Innovation Lab To Bolster Their Digital Transformation


MarTech Series covered how Oracle’s Innovation Lab allows businesses to explore new technologies and elevate their businesses through digital transformation.

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Oracle Expands Innovation Lab to Advance Industries


Mike Sicilia, Oracle Senior Vice President of Global Business Units, announced that the expansion of the new Innovation Lab allows customers to innovate using first class technology and data to create new business opportunities and growth.

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Oracle recognises European construction industry in its recent award ceremony


Mark Webster, Senior Vice President of Oracle Construction and Engineering, congratulated honourees of the Oracle’s Construction and Engineering Excellence Awards for their forward thinking and accomplishments in the construction industry.

Oracle Honors Excellence in Construction and Engineering


Mark Webster, Senior Vice President of Oracle Construction and Engineering, highlighted Oracle customers who are transforming the building industry through digital transformation and technology at the Construction and Engineering Excellence Awards.

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Oracle Holds Future of Project Event


Mark Webster, Senior Vice President of Oracle Construction and Engineering, spoke at the Future of Projects event in London about the importance of utilizing data in the construction industry.

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Construction Innovation & Design Forum Review


Sherief Elabd, Oracle’s Director of Business development, was mentioned Construction Business News, discussing how digital transformation is creating smarter ways of working.

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The 5G Future


Burcin Kaplanoglu, executive director, innovation officer for Oracle Construction and Engineering, penned a byline on “The 5G Future” that published in Modern Contractor Solutions. The article examines how 5G is poised to transform the construction industry by unlocking new levels of productivity and visibility for project stakeholders while enabling better and faster ways to glean insights from project data.

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Embracing Digitalisation: Omran Unifies Business Process


Oracle’s Primavera Unifier is helping Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) to enable full documentation of all project phases as well as provide contract and workflow management.

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Who Are the Top CIOs in Construction and Engineering?


Oracle Aconex is being used by United Living Group to help the business move away from legacy document management to a move collaborative and transparent way of managing projects.

Does the Construction Industry Need Blockchain?


Karthik Venkatasubramanian, Oracle Construction and Engineering’s vice president of data science and analytics, discusses the potential of blockchain in the construction industry, and how there needs to be a culture shift in the industry before blockchain can be implemented.

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How Data Is Shaping the Future of Construction


Rosendin Electric is effectively analyzing their data by using Oracle Analytics Cloud to help with project safety and overall productivity.

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Building for the Future: How 5G will Transform Construction Worksites


In PBC Today, Burcin Kaplanoglu, Executive Director and Innovation Officer, addresses the potential for 5G technology in construction.

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7 AEC Disruptors and their Groundbreaking Achievements


Building Design + Construction features top seven innovators in AEC including Burcin Kaplanoglu, Executive Director and Innovation Officer.

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How Collaborative Technology is Driving the Transportation Revolution


Oracle Aconex is helping companies and transportation departments build new infrastructure seamlessly by speeding up processes, reducing delays, and mitigating error.

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Oracle's Replica of Construction Jobsite


Building Design + Construction includes top seven innovators in AEC including Burcin Kaplanoglu, Executive Director and Innovation Officer, who discusses the Innovation Lab in Chicago.

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Bechtel Scion Raises Nearly $100M for Contech Startups


Construction Dive says investors are eagerly funding construction startups including Oracle and its 2017 acquisition of Aconex Ltd.

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Murphy Group: Building with Data to Transform Construction


Alex Jones, Head of BIM and Digital Construction at Murphy Group, discusses Aconex and Primavera P6, particularly in relation to BIM and the CDE, and highlights the benefits of going digital with Aconex.

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Technology is Missing Ingredient in Construction Payment


Mike Antis, Vice President Client Services, argues that the Prompt Payment Code needs technological back up to be completely effective in this contributed piece for BIM Plus.

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How to Make Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage Events Successful


POWER magazine published an article from Dave Bullard, Senior Director, Product & Industry Strategy, on best practices for executing Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage (STO) events.

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