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Payments Solutions

Process payments in real time, anywhere, and at scale with Oracle’s digital payments solution—a unified payments hub built on the ISO 20022 framework. Optimize transaction efficiencies with a one-stop payments solution that caters to multiple payment types and supports SWIFT gpi for low-value cross-border payments.

Identify digital gaps and unlock the power of data in payments—speak to us at Sibos 2021.

Discover how our customers experience Oracle Financial Services

Payoneer helps millions of local freelancers and small businesses tap into the global economy
FBN Bank UK uses machine learning and intelligent algorithms to innovate on digital payments
Bank of Valletta takes on complex digital transformation while ensuring payment compliance

Build a payments platform that adapts to changing customer needs

Reduce transaction costs and boost payment efficiency

Increase straight-through processing and lower your cost per payment with a single hub for processing and settlement. Use our built-in rules engine to automate complex processing and choose the best route for domestic and cross-border transactions, or specify your desired payment network.

Explore Banking Payments

Bring visibility to every transaction as you undergo payments modernization

Give your customers real-time views of their cash positions and payment status with rich analytics made possible by using SWIFT ISO 20022 as the open-payments standard in our digital payments solution.

Explore Payments Innovation (1:32)

Build richer payment experiences with access to prebuilt APIs

Build your own partner ecosystem and offer new services that set your institution apart. From ERP integration to Siri and Alexa payments, tap into a library of more than 1,500 APIs built for Oracle’s banking suite.

Explore a New Approach to Payments (PDF)

“Having an ISO 20022 base data model is important to us. We have partnered with Oracle for more than a decade because they are at the forefront of payments innovation.”

Santiago Castro

Chief Data Officer, FBN Bank UK

Collaborate with a SWIFT-certified partner to meet compliance requirements and set your services apart from the crowd

Make fast, frictionless, cross-border payments

Deliver borderless, low-cost account-to-account currency transfers from your own banking app or portal with our digital payments solution. Oracle’s support of SWIFT gpi for low-value payments opens up efficient cross-border payments to small and midsized companies.

Explore SWIFT gpi

Meet the SWIFT gpi Universal Confirmations deadline

Universal Confirmations are the backbone of SWIFT’s payments innovation journey. Learn how to ease the migration to this standard and use it to improve interoperability.

Explore SWIFT Universal Confirmations

Move to ISO 20022 for easier cross-border payments

Provide high-quality, data-rich payments for your customers and stay ahead of compliance mandates by moving your payments platform to the ISO 20022 standard before the December 2022 deadline.

Explore the ISO 20022 Standard

Blockchain for global payments

Manas Pattanaik, Consulting Technical Manager, Oracle

As blockchain technology matures, enterprises realize that blockchain is not just for cryptocurrency. It’s a distributed ledger technology (DLT) which provides many real business benefits. The potential cost savings, efficiency gains, and improved customer experience the blockchain technology can create for the global financial market are so appealing that major financial institutions are investing millions in resources to research ways to harness the benefits of blockchain.

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Payments: Breaking away from the core

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