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Popüler Sorular

One for One: Upgrade Your POS System Hardware for $1

Achieving a cash-positive position is a struggle for many restaurants right now, and maintaining consumer-grade devices is a financial drain. What if you could upgrade your devices for almost nothing, increase your speed of service, expand sales channels and drive down waste? You can, with our One for One offer. Switch to Simphony Point of Sale from Oracle, and you will get a new device for $1. No strings attached.

Restaurant POS Hardware

Powered by Simphony POS Software

Oracle MICROS Simphony

Oracle MICROS hardware and software works just as hard as you do. Our touchscreen monitors and mobile tablets are designed to withstand spills, harsh weather, constant use, and security threats. Powered by Simphony POS software from Oracle, our complete point-of-sale systems help restaurants elevate their speed and quality of service in-house and online. Analyze sales trends, forecast inventory, update menus, manage employees, and integrate with a wide variety of popular 3rd-party apps.

Workstation 6 Series
One for One: Get Your POS Workstation for $1

Workstation 6 Series

The restaurant business is tough on technology. You need hardware with modern features that can also withstand the demands of hard day-to-day use. As our flagship POS terminal, the iconic Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 is purpose-built for the restaurant environment with the processing power, payment capabilities, and durability you need to deliver a flawless customer experience. It also looks good, featuring a stylish, modern design and a slim footprint. Key features include:

  • Your choice of Windows or Linux operating system
  • Large durable screen for easier order entry
  • Dual-core processors for quick response and transaction speed
Customer-Facing Display
Workstation 6 Options

Customer-Facing Display

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 supports an optional 10-inch customer-facing display for enhancing order accuracy, promoting upsell opportunities, and improving the overall customer experience. This display can be mounted to the Workstation 6 terminal or our 22-inch display pole with base. Additional optional features include:

  • 3-track magnetic card reader with hardware encryption at the swipe
  • Non-glare screen for better viewing in bright locations
  • Internal power supply protected against rough conditions and spills
Self-Service Kiosks

Self-Service Kiosks

Our $1 Workstation 6 POS terminal can also be used as a self-service kiosk. It's durability makes it the the perfect choice for high-volume use at concession stands and quick service restaurants. Additional peripherals such as kiosk stands, receipt printers, and payment processing devices are are also available.

Workstation 3 Series
One for One: Get Your POS Workstation for $1

Workstation 3 Series

This extremely durable 10-inch portable POS is built to last far longer than consumer-grade tablets, especially at high-volume concession stands, sun-soaked poolside bars, food trucks, and other remote locations where conditions are rough and electrical outlets are out of reach. The Oracle MICROS Workstation 3 comes packed with LAN ports, magnetic stripe reader, and customer-facing display. Additional options include:

  • Full-shift batteries
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Multiple mounting choices
Tablet 700 Series
One for One: Get Your Mobile POS for $1

Tablet 700 Series

Our 7-inch LED-backlit touchscreen tablet is used in a wide range of settings from table service to concession stand lines. It's far more durable than consumer-grade tablets and supports hot-swappable 8-hour batteries for uninterrupted service. With integrated Wi-Fi, it also acts as a mobile reporting device, giving managers real-time access to table management, inventory, sales, and employee data.

Compact Secure Credit Card Processor
Tablet 700 Series Options

Compact Secure Credit Card Processor

Bring the world’s most secure POS to your customers and process transactions faster by adding our compact credit card reader hardware to the back of your Oracle MICROS 700 Series tablets. Other accessories include:

  • Bar code scanner
  • Rear-facing camera
  • Comfortable leather and Velcro hand straps
  • Multi-dock charging station
Kitchen Display System Hardware

Kitchen Display System Hardware

Coordinate the actions of hosts, waitstaff, kitchen staff, and bussers to provide better service and build customer loyalty. With Oracle MICROS kitchen display systems, orders are transmitted to the kitchen display instantly. Status updates are provided constantly, helping restaurants monitor table and order status in real time. Hardware options include:

  • Kitchen display touchscreens
  • Bump bars for controlling non-touchscreen displays
  • Screen stands and mounting hardware
POS Hardware Accessories

POS Hardware Accessories

Receipt printers, credit card readers, mobile wallet readers, customer-facing screens, POS scales, barcode scanners, and cash drawers. We’ve got you covered.

What Will My Restaurant POS Machine Cost?

Our cloud-based restaurant POS systems are competitively priced, and with every license you get your workstation for $1. No tricks. No strings attached. Our product experts are standing by to help you explore our POS SaaS (Point-of-Sale Software as a Service) offerings and create a restaurant POS system package that's right for your business. Get in touch and we can help you calculate your total cost of ownership so you can make an informed decision quickly.