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Oracle Products

Achieve Exceptional Student Experiences Through Oracle Cloud


Oracle Student Cloud

Oracle Student Cloud is a comprehensive approach to managing the student lifecycle, communications, and relationships, from recruiting through alumni and donor management.

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Hire and retain top faculty and staff. Recruit, grow, and retain your employees with talent acquisition, learning, and performance management.

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Empower modern finance to unite disparate accounting systems, improve project profitability, and streamline payment processes through automation and social collaboration, while controlling costs.

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Drive accurate and agile plans across finance and lines of business, analyze data across the institution, and improve data-driven decision-making.

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Oracle Cloud Platform is optimized for hybrid and multicloud environments and built to extend your applications, consolidate your institution’s data, and gain insights across multiple systems.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides integrated platform solutions designed to increase agility, lower costs, and reduce IT complexity across your institution. Integrate your data, processes, and applications; migrate workloads to the cloud; and implement unified management and security—all with a single robust platform.

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IT Infrastructure

Modernize, innovate, and streamline systems and operations across your campus.

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A Unique Approach to Digital Transformation

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Cloud Services at Your Own Pace

Moving to the cloud presents new opportunities. A practical adoption strategy helps you take advantage of them.

Higher Education User Group

The Higher Education User Group (HEUG) is an international nonprofit organization composed of higher education institutions that use Oracle Applications software. HEUG’s mission is to educate and advocate by facilitating the sharing of ideas, information, and experiences among its members and to provide a unified and effective voice to Oracle on all issues involving the use of Oracle software in the higher education community. HEUG achieves its purposes while remaining independent of Oracle.