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Popüler Sorular

Retail Cloud

Adopt a flexible IT strategy for your retail business by selecting the cloud infrastructure based on the business needs of mission-critical, back-end applications.

Removing barriers to the cloud.

KOJ remains resilient with retail cloud technology
HomeChoice drives efficiency and sales improvement with a move to retail cloud
Ananta Apparels cuts costs by 50% with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
7-Eleven boosts performance by 30X
Landmark Group achieves 2x improvement with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Choose the right architecture for your business needs

Move to the cloud for services that have the capabilities to help your business survive

Innovative SaaS solutions can be deployed within weeks and months, granting retailers faster decision-making and more flexibility.

Taking out costs through the cloud

From global to local retail with digital transformation

Governments around the world are going through a variety of digital transformations requiring real-time, indirect tax reporting at the transaction level.

Retail merchandising makes fiscal compliance easier

Centralize workloads to gain operational improvements

Oracle’s cloud infrastructure delivers the scale and performance of the public cloud to your cloud native and key enterprise workloads.

Learn why Oracle apps run best on Oracle Cloud

Scale globally to meet growing customer demand as it emerges

Oracle supports retailers with 18 languages, adheres to local market regulations to be closer to customers and account for data privacy laws, and is also pursuing an in-country disaster-recovery strategy for data centers.

Data centers reimagined

“We selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because of its superior functionality and ease of use for our end users. In addition, the freedom to pay per use, the flexibility to customize, and the high security of OCI enable us to rapidly scale, at a very low total cost of ownership.”

Azmal Hossain

Assistant General Manager and Head of ICT, Ananta Apparels

Taking out costs through the cloud

Jeff Warren, Vice President, Solutions Management

Retail is, by nature, a world defined and powered by its predictable structure and routine. But with store operations limited and revenue streams cut off, retailers are forced to find another way forward.

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Find resources and more

Cloud learning

Architecting retail applications on Oracle Cloud

Retailers that need end-to-end control of their retail merchandising system can easily migrate these workloads to OCI and get the scale, performance, and automation benefits of the public cloud.

Insight and news

A retail perspective: Driving digital transformation with Oracle Cloud

Learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides retailers an easy entry point to modernize IT operations and cut costs.

Discover how Retail RACK

Discover how retailers everywhere are leveraging retail technology

Oracle's Retail Asset Community Knowledge (RACK) portal is a treasure trove of material ranging from Oracle Retail customer journeys to global event proceedings and the latest updates on Oracle Retail roadmaps.