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Inspire Engagement Throughout the Customer Journey

Executing a personalized omnichannel retailing experience requires seamless integration across ecommerce, stores, customer relationship, order management, and loss prevention systems. Stitching together disparate point solutions can cost you up to 10x the licensing cost of a seamlessly integrated suite.

Create experiences that support customer journeys and build loyalty by taking your operations from pains to gains with Oracle Retail's omnichannel suite.

Oracle Retail

Omnichannel Products


Commerce Cloud

Deliver personalized and optimized ecommerce experiences at scale.


Customer Engagement Cloud Services

Build customer loyalty with better data and seamless integration into ecommerce and stores.


Customer Insights Cloud Service

Understand customer preferences to inform granular segmentation and personalization.


MICROS Compact Workstation 310

Enable increased efficiency with portable point-of-service devices.


MICROS Tablet 721

Line bust to reduce queues and wait times with a mobile point-of-service solution.


MICROS Workstation 6 Family

Deliver digital content to both store associates and customers while boasting superior overall point-of-service performance.


Order Broker Cloud Service

Enable endless aisle and intelligently route inventory.


Order Management System Cloud Service

Identify, attract, and retain your most loyal shoppers by delivering exceptional customer service.


Point-of-Service Hardware Suite

Explore our comprehensive suite of point-of-service hardware solutions.


Store Inventory Operations Cloud Services

Enable real-time, accurate, and accessible store-stock data to execute efficient and effective in-store processes and procedures.


XBRi Loss Prevention Cloud Service

Protect profits with exception-based reporting.


Xstore Point-of-Service

Empower associates with a seamless integration to ecommerce that delivers a 360-degree view of your customer.


Stores and Commerce Learning Subscription

Maximize your stores and commerce solution investment with modern learning experience.


Retail Reference Library

Accelerate your implementation by leveraging best practices from more than 5,000 global retailers.