Digital Home Service

A breakthrough, cloud-based solution for set-top box and service-intensive pay-TV operators, Oracle’s Digital Home Service solution combines technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), mobile, chatbot, and remote video support with modern digital customer management to provide next-generation digital services for the home.

Key Benefits


Create a differentiated experience to increase consumer retention

  • Deliver a seamless experience that will increase consumer satisfaction, promote loyalty leading to higher revenue per consumer, and reduce churn.
  • Differentiate from competitors with excellent, personalized, frictionless service.

Harness emerging technologies to reduce the cost to serve consumers

  • Utilize the power of emerging technologies, such as IoT and AI, to monitor and anticipate issues through real-time visibility and control of deployed set-top boxes.
  • Create a single, integrated service platform to simplify your consumer-service operations.

Increase employee and consumer satisfaction through automation

  • Deliver efficiencies through automated employee tasks and consumer self-service options.
  • Redirect and free up time for customer-service representatives and field-service employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

Fuel growth to meet increased consumer demand and launch new service options

  • Use IoT to create a connected home platform and offer new, smart home services to consumers, which will generate additional revenue streams and increase the stickiness of pay-TV operators in the home.
  • Scale the business to meet high consumer demand through Oracle Cloud adoption.
Featured Products

Digital Home Service Products

Cloud Applications

Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud

Deliver real-time insights from connected assets and devices. Improve profitability through automated monitoring and alerting of assets. Gain real-time visibility into asset health and utilization, and predict future events.

Cloud Applications

Oracle Field Service Cloud

Deliver better service experiences while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the field organization. Automate field service scheduling and optimize work based on unique requirements, all while maintaining a real-time view of the field force. Empower the mobile workforce with AI and machine learning capabilities, web-based and mobile applications, and flexible, intuitive collaboration tools.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Mobile Hub Cloud

Simplify development for mobile app developers, back-end service developers, and line-of-business owners. Empower the entire team to easily collaborate in a cloud-based environment. Build apps that connect to any of the existing back-end systems while maintaining enterprise-grade security.

Cloud Applications

Oracle Live Experience Cloud

Improve consumer experience and business results with in-app consumer engagement, using the right channel at the right time while enabling associates to proactively engage consumers at key moments of their individual journey.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Digital Assistant

Broaden access to business applications with chatbots and conversational AI-powered assistants. Start immediately with customizable, prebuilt digital assistants for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, and Oracle Fusion Cloud CX, or develop new digital assistants for third-party applications.

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