Oracle Midmarket—Boingo Success Story

Boingo Adapts Business Model to Survive. And Thrives.
Boingo Adapts Business Model to Survive. And Thrives.

Learn about Boingo’s move to the cloud

Boingo’s CEO and CFO explain how, by moving to the cloud, they can focus on the future possibilities for their business and not worry about how to handle their burgeoning data.

When consumer expectations shift en masse, it’s not just long-established organisations that need to adapt their offering to stay relevant. Relative newcomer Boingo Wireless had been selling WiFi access at thousands of venues around the world, but as more and more customers began to expect free WiFi as standard, the company realised it had to evolve its entire business and financial model to survive.

So Boingo Media Platform was born. The company acquired an ad-serving business so that advertising revenue would remove the need for consumers to pay for their WiFi service (although the option to pay for an ad-free service remained).

But any change in business strategy is worthless if its execution depends on inflexible and outdated financial systems. For example, Boingo’s planning process used to involve taking information out of its legacy system and manually loading it into spreadsheets. So they made the move to Oracle ERP Cloud. Now, not only is there no need to worry about getting information transferred accurately, but the time saved means the team can focus less on day-to-day tasks and more on taking the business forward.

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